Brand Identity Analysis of Skechers: How the Company Found and Attracted Its Target Audience

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Brand Identity Analysis of Skechers: How the Company Found and Attracted Its Target Audience

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Skecher’s are significantly cheaper than its competitors. Skechers also is not a fully sustainable brand but they have achieved the E-Label, that is their lowest possible sustainable choice. The company offers kids footwear, Medical Work Health care pro series, performance as well as work and casual footwear. Since 2017 Skechers have designed a Go Golf line, that cost €140/£139. Their range also include unisex, men’s and women’s” Bags, watches, sunglasses, socks and hats”. (,2018), these products cost between €10-€50.

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Their casual’s category for women are “Dress casual’s, stylish contemporary comfort, casual fusion, all year-round sandals and boots.” (Editorial,2018), For men the casuals include shiny leather, for occasion wear and other stylized boots. The designs are designed to be light-weight with comfort and elasticity. The colour palette for the casuals are black and brown. Kids footwear come in a variety of bright colours with built in LED lights for effect to attract a kid’s market.

The lifestyle sports series offer “Skechers Sport, Skecher Active and Skechers Street.” The performance footwear brands are Skechers Performance, kids, men’s, women’s and Skechers Work “(Editorial,2018). These products are designed to be durable, water resistant and are made or various fabric combinations for e.g. Canvas, Linings, Memory Foam plus with different closure options like “zip, lace, zig-zag and cross strap”, The sports shoes also cater to many sports footwears like golf, football, walking, running, hiking and medical work wear. (Editorial,2018). These designs are trendy sports footwear and come in a number of bright colours.

Skechers Kids line section hold a variety of infants, toddlers, boys and girl’s sneakers, boots high-tops and sandals which are inspired by athletic footwear with” memory foam, Twinkle toes, game kicks and elastika by Skechers. This kids line is designed to be kid friendly with inbuilt sound and lights perfect for kids. These shoes come in fresh, vibrant colours for kids and young teens.

Price: Skechers market price varies depending on each country, manufactured in China and other developing countries ultimately increases their international sales and keep the price of their products at a much reasonable price than its competitors. Their products range from €8-€130, including accessories, bangs, sunglasses, sneakers and apparel for women, men and children.

Promotion: Skechers have always tried to produce trendy products and have successfully maintained as a tasteful brand by celebrity-driven advertisement. Many popular faces in the glitz and glamour business such as Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears have appeared on posters and magazines advertising Skechers sneakers, in addition Skechers have also partnered with athletes Colin Montgomerie and Matt Kuchar for sponsorships for their golf collection. Skechers also offer discounts at 1 one Irelands best sports retailer Sports Directs.

Place: Skechers U.S.A have in total of 196 stores, including concept stores, factory outlets and various warehouse outlets across the globe. The statistics show that from 2016 to 2017 concept stores around the world increased by 19 stores, factory outlets increased by 16 and warehouses outlets went from 5 to 9 within a year. (Statista,2018). According to Business Wire “The earliest international stores were in the year 2001 in Paris, London and Tokyo.”, also earlier this year Skechers USA have successfully opened stores in developing countries such as “Algeria, Romania, Slovakia, Nepal and Zimbabwe”, etc. (, 2018).

In Ireland, Skechers U.S.A can be found in popular shopping spots such as Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Liffey Valley, The Square, Pavilions Shopping Centre, Henry Street Dublin and more located all over the country. Skechers also have an international delivery service that they provide, an online website that allows Irish customers to shop online without leaving their house.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Although Skechers U.S.A is surprisingly only being in the industry for 26 years, quite a young brand in comparison to its competitors, Skechers has a rather older generation audience. In conclusion Skechers have gained popularity within the street culture and is slowly making its way to reach more people through their athletic designs for sporty/ young consumers.

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