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Toyota is a recognized brand not only in few countries but all over the world. This brand is well-known to all for their reliability. Toyota is the largest automobile manufacturer. Toyota corporation began in 1933. A Japanese manufacturer founded by Toyoda Sakichi. We all know about the brand from manufacturing to after sales service proved its own uniqueness and quality. It has been considered one of the top automobile manufacturing brands among other brands. Toyota’s Produced their first production car an AA Sedan, the brand evokes memory and longing for all Japanese consumers. Its unique quality says much about the Japanese consumer’s relationship with the car.

In 1990, Toyota appeared the three overlapping Ellipses logo on American vehicles. The Toyota Ellipses symbolize the unification of the hearts of our consumers and the heart of Toyota items. The foundation space show to Toyota’s innovative improvement and the vast open space ahead. Let’s Go Places is the verbal expression that captures the essence of the Toyota brand. It’s the enduring spirit that inspires people to live life to the fullest whatever their adventures may be and wherever they may take them. Toyota’s main goal is to build a relationship amongst each individual customer. This means the customers should have an emotional and deep sensitive connection with the brand. A term used for this is brand resonance. Brand resonance as defined as brand that emotionally connects to the customer by embedding in the routine and enhancing the experience of its users. By achieving brand resonance, the brand must achieve the following three categories: behavioural loyalty, sense of community and active engagement. Branding is not only associated with tangible goods but also it is relevant for intangible goods such as services. With the tangible goods, the physical product is the main brand. In case of facilities, the service group or the service provider is the main brand. There are basic variances between goods and services, which may have suggestions for brand equity. For example, the branding efforts for tangible products can be materialized.

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Brand resonance

The Brand Resonance is the relationship that a customer has with the item and how well he can relate with it.

The resonance is the power of customer’s emotional association with the brand and the opportunity to review the brand in various use conditions. Brand resonance is separated by strong connection between the customer and the brands. Brands with strong resonance profit by expanded customers loyalty and diminished weakness to focused advertising activities in the market place. The test for the brand is to guarantee that the customer has the correct experiences to make the correct brand information.

  • Salience: who are you, Toyota? Toyota is a car manufacturer established since 1933. Its three oval rounds are recognizable anywhere. Are the bestselling car manufacturers in the world?
  • lierformance/Imagery: what are you, Toyota? Toyota liroduces liowerful cars with fuel efficiency and cost effective in terms of running cost.
  • Judgments/Feelings: what do the customer think or feel about Toyota?
  • Toyota is a tough and versatile car, it is also fuel efficient and cost effective in terms of running costs.
  • Feelings- Toyota cars are refereed admired and high quality. Toyota is user friendly, and well known by everyone.
  • Imagery- Toyota comes in myriad of brands that meets the clientele alilietite. They are highly innovative.
  • Brand resonance: what about Toyota and the customer? Toyota is the best lilace to buy cars that meets customer’s needs in terms of reliability and comfortability

Brand elements

Brand elements are devices which can be trademarked, that identify and differentiate one brand from another. Most strong brands employ multiple brand elements.

As for Toyota.

The badge – The Toyota badge represents the Toyota brand and symbolizes the advanced features and dependability of Toyota vehicles and services.

Wordmark – The Toyota wordmark, or logo type, is the standard representation of the company and represented by unique, distinct letter form.

Signature -Toyota signatures are comprised of the Toyota badge and the Toyota wordmark, when used consistently, the corporate signatures are powerful tools to build immediate and lasting recognition.

Tagline – The let’s go places tagline is the essence of the brand. It’s a call to reach beyond the familiar and embrace the unexpected, let’s go places is our way of inspiring people to experience more and live life to its fullest.

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