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Branding As a Lifestyle Feature

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Different people prefer different kind of products depending on some aspects taste and preference among them. More so, the purchasing power of an individual influences the choice of a product as well. Diversity in choice brand and fashion is experienced especially basing on some social and cultural factors. Notably, the choice of young people may sharply differ with the choice of the old, in both the brand preferred and the reason for settling for such a brand. Here, this difference is explained by the fact that the young in most cases want to identify themselves with emerging trends or products, that is they at all times like to identify with ‘new’ brands. On the other hand, the issue of the best brand or being in line with the current fashion is not a priority to the old. The explanation here has not been clearly established, but the hypothesised argument is that the line of thinking and perception of these two groups differs by great margin as well. Change of taste also influence the urge for individuals to seek for an alternative or upgrade of an existing product. In situation where the purchasing power of an individual improves, that is, there is increase in income, their taste, fashion and choice of brand improves (Function and fashion, 2007). This means they feel they are able to buy more or spend more on consumption hence the quality of the needed products and services should be a notch higher.

The fashion brand should be improved and promoted at all times especially through advertisement and awareness. This should also entail partnership or joint force between all the stakeholders who may be in one way or another have any association with fashion brand. To make fashion brand effective, detailed research should always be carried out to ensure that the best plans are implemented which will in the long run ensure that the final product is in line with the consumers’ expectations. Again, the consumers’ views should always be considered since they are the determinant factor regarding the success of a given brand. To avoid unnecessary costs, fashion brand should entail upgrading of already existing products. This is basically because the consumers are aware of the existence of such a product in the market hence when upgraded they will easily accept it. Lifestyle on the other hand should not necessarily be based on individual’s income but on individual’s choice on how they perceive the dynamics of life. Lifestyle based on individuals social or cultural may divide the individuals more than creating unity among them. The issue here should be to encourage the individuals to embrace different cultures which will in the long run help them to learn new ideas in all aspects fashion being among them. Fashion brand promotion should not be meant to target a certain group while isolating other groups due to perceived differences of these groups. The target should not be profiled based on some differences but rather be treated as the same.

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