Braveheart as One of My Favorite Movies

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The movie was directed by Mel Gibson and screenplay was Randall Wallace.

The movies genre is a acton, history/educational movie. It’s a long movie about a man that wants revenge for his country and wife. The movie presents it form in the form of dialog between the actress and a visual presentation. Braveheart comes from that you should be brave for your country and have the hart to fight for you freedom.

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William Wallace: Is the main character of the movie.Originally William just wanted to be a farmer in peas but than his wife got killed by the English and that opens his eyes, he now wanted to fight for his country that was binding soprest by the English. William fighted the English for a long time but he didn’t succeed, as he was tortured to death by the English he held his wife handkerchief and screams freedom and that to me sows that he that he wanted to go to his dead wife in heaven and it also shows that he succeed, he wanted his masiag to come out to the world that you can fight no matter what for what you believe in and what makes a lot of sense because he refused the offer of poison by the prince’s not only because he didn’t want the presec to fill gilet for killing him but so he could say his final message to the world.

Robert the Bruce: Was the king of Scotland. He helpt William set up plans to win over the English. But the English was ready and slayd most of the Schotis and it was becos Robert told the plan to the English because he didn’t think that he Schots cude win. Than he saw that the Scottish diede for the freedom and it was him that took it from tham. Robert now saw the error of his was and now wanted to free his country so he took over the roll of William Wallace after William was tortured to death.

Edward i Longshanks: Is the king of England and the enemy of William. He was a sick man that threw out the movie became more and more despret to win the war and after he captured William and killed him he code finally die.

Isabell de Carpet: was to be queen of england white Edward the second, but she didn’t like Edward the second because he was a coward And than she heard about William and wanted to meet him, so she did. They met and fell in love and had a secret realesen sip.In the end when William was to be turtur she offered him position because she couldn’t she him get turtur se sayed but william refuse. she went up to the king and sed when he was dying its not you sons baby in my stomach it williams.

The movie is about a man who want revenge for his country and wife. So he starts a rebel army that fight the English so thay code have freedom.The movie plays out in the 14th century scotland so Edinburgh and London was casels.

The movies message is that you should always fight for what you believe in and that you have the right to freedom and if you don’t have that freedom you should fight for it and that you could find love on the enemy’s side. i would recommend the movie for 14 year olds and up because there is a lot of violence and blood and there are some really deep meanings and lore and moment that if you don’t get the movie isn’t as good. If you like scottish lore and 14th century battles or just like a good movie than braveheart is the right for you i would give this movie a 9/10.

The movie exceeded my expectation by a lot because it has some good plots like Robert the Bruce was working for the english and the prince love white Wiliam. it was directed great because it really felt like i was there and the dialog was good too. The only bad thing about the movie is that its super long.

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