Braveheart Movie: Literary Analysis of William Wallace

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The story of William Wallace was one that could bring a tear to even the most cold-hearted man and women on earth. His story not only showed the struggle of how Scotland got it's freedom but also about how he struggled in his personal life with the many foolish and unnecessary rules that the king put on his people, which soon led to the death of his wife. William Wallace's life started just like any other boy that lived in Scotland. But it would soon change. The people of Scotland were under the rule of the king of England who happened to be King Edward. The king had told the people that he would give them their freedom, and so they went to pursue it. It turned out to be a trick. All of the men who had gone to meet the king for their freedom were hung. Children and parents both. The people wanted revenge on the king and so many of the men from Scotland went to battle. One in which was William's father. They gained nothing from the fight, and now William no longer had a father.

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William now went to live with his uncle Argile. There he lived for a long term of his life. He was educated and learned to speak Latin with his uncle who he also took him on a pilgrimage to Rome. He returned home to Scotland while in his late twenties to raise crops and a family. He soon was married to a girl he knew as a kid in secret so that none of the guards could enforce the law of Primal Nuctar, which is to bless the marriage by sleeping with the bride. He tried to dodge the law but failed. He fought off the soldiers of the king for what he knew was right. But his wife was captured and killed for assault on a king's guard. This is what made William know for sure that he would fight for his countries freedom so no one else would ever have to suffer again do to the laws of King Edward. From this point on William Wallace never gave up hope of seeking his freedom. William and his fellow Scots had three wars and countless battles over myriad years until they finally won their freedom in the battle of Banakburn in 1314. Shortly after William Wallace was captured and beheaded.

To me this movie was the base of how all independence movies should be based. This movie was beautifully written, directed and choreographed. It told it's story in a way that no one could have done better. This movie had all the essentials it needed to be the excellent movie it was. It not only got to the point quickly, But it surrounded it with more than one story which also was told well to fit the plot of how and why Scotland won it's freedom. The characters were a good aspect of this movie as well. The characters seemed to be linked like they had known each other for a long period of time. The friendships that they held with one another seemed so real because of the cast of characters and their ability to work so well with one another. Another aspect I enjoyed was the comedy throughout the movie. All though there wasn't a lot of it there was enough to keep myself and others entertained.

During this movie I developed favoritism to one of the characters. With his wild and hilarious ways some may think he is crazy, but the way I see it he was one of the smartest ones throughout the movie. This character to me lit the movie up, and without him this movie would never be the same. This character was named Steven and was the most wanted man on Ireland. Although he was the comic to me I also enjoyed the character played by William's best friend. His strength and willingness to stand up for what he believed in made me believe that Scotland would get their freedom with or without Wallace.

The only bad thing I can say about this movie was that it was very long. The length of the movie could have been shorter if they wouldn't have delayed certain parts of the movie. But I guess they had to make it the way it was so you could get the feeling that every part of the movie was absolutely true. Looking at it now there was really no bad part or parts in this movie. It's perfectly perfect. No mistakes, it's simply a masterpiece.

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