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Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner: Healthy Nutrition for Teens

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The basic idea of a healthy nutrition pattern is to eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at specific times for the body to get used to it, with the addition of a fourth meal, the snack (Le Goûter) for children and teenagers. Here are some information and tips on basic diets to ensure healthy nutrition in teens:


After a full night, 8 to 10 hours without eating, your body needs breakfast for power. However, if you do not want to have breakfast in the morning, it is probably the result of having eaten a large amount of food before bedtime, and to avoid it, it is advisable not to eat any food during the two hours that separate you from sleep. A few days later your body will be accustomed to this pattern and you can eat this basic meal. Sometimes you may wake up in the morning without feeling hungry or you may wake up late from school, in this case put in your wallet:

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  • Milk, yogurt or a piece of cheese.
  • Fruit or natural fruit juice without added sugar.
  • Slices of toast are covered with a little butter, olive oil, jam or honey according to your taste.

These foods will equip your body with the energy it needs to operate. For those who exceed this meal, they are subject to:

  • Weight gain.
  • Iron deficiency is something that results in a nervous agitation.
  • Problems and difficulties in concentrating at school.

Lunch Meal

It is the inevitable midday meal because the body’s precautions, which are considered as brain fuels, are at their lowest levels. Therefore, energy must be re-supplied by eating a meal. According to many studies, people who eat a meal have high intellectual abilities, better concentration and even more, they are less passionate and agitated than those who go beyond this meal. The idea of bypassing a meal for a calorie economy and thus avoiding weight gain is a good idea because you will still be eating light food until the afternoon, and of course you will not eat pasta or steaks at 4 pm, but cut chocolate and sweets You will provide your body with sugars and mentalities that lead to obesity. Therefore, the meal of food must consist of:

  • Raw or cooked vegetables (salad, green beans, tomato…)
  • A product of cereals or starches (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes…).
  • Meat, fish or eggs (optional if you are going to eat in the evening).
  • Dairy products (yogurt or cheese).
  • Fruit.
  • Water.

Snack (Le Goûter)

If you are hungry, have a snack when entering the school. It is a moment of relaxation and pleasure, I exploit it. Because you may spend about 8 hours, stretching from meal to dinner almost equivalent to the whole night, without eating. If you’re out late at school, bring one or two of the following foods: bread, fruit, milk and dairy products, put them in your wallet.

Dinner Meal

It’s a meal that family members often gather around to talk about how you spend your day. This meal includes the same ingredients for a meal except meat, fish and eggs, which are consumed once a day, whether at lunch or dinner. This meal must consist of the elements of the student:

  • Raw or cooked vegetables.
  • Meat, fish or eggs if you don’t eat them at lunch.
  • A product of cereals or starches.
  • Dairy products (if you eat yogurt at lunch, eat a piece of cheese at dinner).
  • Fruit.
  • Water.


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