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Crime serial thriller

Created by

Vince Gilligan

Major Characters

The major characters in the drama film Breaking Bad are Jesse, Badger, Mike, Sac Ramey, Skinny Pete, Todd, Sonia, Old Joe, TV News Anchor Gregory Steven, and Suzanne Ericsen.

Based on

Commonly referred to as El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie is a sequel based on the TV series Breaking Bad. The neo-western crime thriller is also an epilogue to the TV series.


The film displays a pair of flying pants to present a chaotic scenario. The main characters are particular in their dress. Walter wears green to present greed. Skyler wears blue to present calmness. There is a fly in the lab which Walt feels must be removed for work to continue. There is the use of a teddy bear with a missing eye to show a lack of vision.


The film Breaking Bad has several nuances. The name to break bad means to go wild or disobey. It shows how the current generation has broken away from virtues and chosen vices. They deliberately break laws, threaten people, dominate others, or cause bad influence.


Jesse Pinkman is a man who grew up in crime. His bad behavior drives him into captivity. He later dramatically breaks from captivity and earns himself freedom. Nevertheless, he has a gross past to deal with if he wants to have a better future.

Why is this topic important

The series is about a group of bad guys whose lives revolve around drugs and thug life. Some of them have been drug kingpins. They are now dreaming of living a transformed life just like Walter White. The dialogues are unique which makes it an important film to watch.

Main Ideas

The idea in the film Breaking Bad is how a good person can change to become bad due to problems. While one person joins crime to seek a better life, another one is working hard to transform into a better person. Walter White is a teacher who joins the drug trade while Jesse Pinkman is transforming to the good side.

Key Quotes
  • Mike: “By reason that you shot Jesse, that doesn’t make you Jesse.”
  • Jesse: “If you believe hell is real, we are for sure headed there.”
  • Gustavo Fring: “When you have children and family, they become your priority and responsibility. Whether a man is appreciated, respected or loved, he simply bears the burden of providing.”
Interesting facts
  • Jesse Pinkman was initially supposed to be killed in season 1
  • The film Breaking Bad was initially to be shot in California but the setting was changed to New Mexico.
  • The real owners of the home where Walter White lived are unhappy that their home has become too popular.
Why should this topic be used

The film Breaking Bad has wonderful writing. Its characters are well developed and it has a lot of suspense. Its lesson “actions have consequences” is applicable in almost every area of life.

Arguments for
  • The Breaking Bad storyline is fascinating. Watching a chemistry teacher living a carefree life and then suddenly learns he has cancer. It is a confusing moment but also a turning point for him.
  • The Breaking Bad characters are unique. They don’t seem to have internal conflicts. They push the episodes smoothly letting the directors do their work with ease.
Arguments against
  • The dark world of drugs, cartels, addiction, and wars is not appealing. Many people may take it as real-life to live and become criminals.
  • The final episode of breaking bad revolves around Walter White and how he would die. It speaks so much of how the gun would be used. It doesn’t add up tying an entire episode into one thing only.
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