Breaking the Rules and Why is It Important to Follow Rules

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We have learned that the rule is created for a reason and no that reason usually isn’t wanting to ruin your fun. It is created to save your life, but sometimes you can break it to save someone or to save yourself. There are a lot of situation you can break the rules on it one of them is a Dangerous which is save the people, in this situation absolutely you can break the rules, imagine if there are a building and inside this building there are children and you saw someone you don’t know him with a gun and the building owners wrote outside the building stranger person is not allowed and person break the rules can you ignore him of course you can’t because your conscience will no late you to ignore him.

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Rules can be very helpful to us as a society. They give us guidance when thinking about future decisions, and they can be used to determine if someone has violated a social convention. Rules keep things fair for people, and give us structure and predictability. Rules are great at these things.

Rules, however, are inflexible in and of themselves. Rules only do us any good when we can apply them to a set of facts, and that is where they’ll break down. A rule that has been just and responsible in a hundred other circumstances may produce unjust results in a certain situation. So, that time around, it’s worth breaking the rule for the sake of better results.

I was that kind of a people who believe that there is only one way which is a right way to solve a problem and the reason was my parents, because when I was a child my parents made me to follow the rules, I think it is bad idea because the childhood is an important hood in human life so as father make sure that you kid know the difference between the right way and wrong way because that will have helped you kid in the future, and helped you also to be more succeed in your job yes, it’s little scary to be a rebel, but sometimes it’s necessary if you want to advance in your career and your life, According to soukup.” Sometimes, following the rules hold us back from realizing our dreams and taking chances”.

But after knowing that other way which is wrong way could save your life my personality has changed to better, rules are just established dogma. They restrict us from what we really want to do but couldn’t because of the constraint. Even though they ensure us from not doing things that could hurt others or us, I strongly recommend you to break sometimes until it doesn’t hurt others. Because you have a moral responsibility towards others. 

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