Bridging the Gap and Conflict Between Science and Religion

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In case of the first Grand Division of Creation, the regions were already so spiritualized by the currents of spirit and sound that they are in no need of further spiritualization. They are in direct purview of the Supreme Being. This region is also immense in expanse. The residual admixture of spirituality of the lower order was sent down at the second step of creation into Brahmand and further into Pind at the third step. These regions cannot work independently without spiritual assistance.

 Accordingly, each Brahmanda with its innumerable Brahmas and Adyas has to be presented in turns before purely spiritual regions to receive the necessary spirituality. This is why Brahmanda revolves around the Satt Loka maintaining proper distance from it according to the pull exercised by the lower regions. In a similar manner the third grand division of Pind too revolves round the Brahmanda to derive spirituality from it, with its tendency towards the nether pole. As a result of this tendency there is a down flow of spiritual energy which is constantly absorbed by the nether pole. But this down flow soon evaporates and an upward current gets established. This serves an ameliorative purpose especially in the third grand division. With this upward current the denizens of lower regions ascend to higher planes. But it can go up to the moon sphere i.e. the highest sphere of Pind and a downward current starts again. This circular motion is what is called Chaurasi Chakra which makes the spirit entities assume different bodies. Unless one is trained for achieving access into higher regions of Brahmanda and Nirmal Chetan Desh one cannot get out of it.

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When a Brahmanda completes a revolution round the Satt Loka, its spirituality gets considerably exhausted by the assistance it gives to its Pind. It comes nearest to the Satt Loka and is in conjunction with the spiritual region. The entire system of Brahmanda gets drawn up and dissolved to the pre-creational condition. This is called Maha Pralaya. After it is again sufficiently charged, it may evolve again. The dissolution of individual solar systems too takes place in a similar manner. It is called Pralaya.

Let us now try to understand the answers, as put forth by Radhasoami Faith, to some key questions sought by the philosophers, scientists and common man.

The Reservoir of Spirit Force endowed with Highest Intelligence is also called the ―Supreme Being‖. Prime Spiritual Energy possessed by the Supreme Being is all- powerful, all-intelligent and all-blissful.

In order to energise the spirits in comatose condition enabling them to merge with the jnfinite Reservoir of Spirituality and attain a state of total bliss the Supreme Being made the creation happen.

The Creation consists of three Grand divisions i.e the Nirmal Chetan Desh, Brahamand and Pind. Each of these divisions is further divided into 6 divisions each. 

How can one know the Ultimate truth or The Supreme Being or The Supernatural The ultimate truth or reality cannot be gained by the physical senses of the human as its action is limited to the materialistic region only. In order to attain the ultimate truth one needs to awaken his intuitive faculties through the meditational practices. Once this is achieved the spirit current of the human is able to connect with the sound current at the seat of the spirit and able to ascend to higher spiritual planes whose apertures for communion are present in the human brain. This access to higher regions shall enable the individual to know the ultimate truth, the Supreme Being or the Supernatural.

The entire creation is a manifestation by the Supreme Being through the Prime Spiritual Current or the Supernatural Force. All the regions of the creation are manifestation of various divisions and combinations of the Spritual and sound currents that emanated from the Prime Spiritual current. Hence Supernatural Force exists and its manifestations and present in all regions of creation. It is all pervading. This could also explain the interconnectedness of the quantum non-locality in the material world. Similarly, the creation theory of the Faith confidently provides answers to various other questions that have remained unanswered or debatable till date. It is not possible to discuss all the questions and their finer details under the present study. 

Summing up, the creation & existence of three Grand Divisions of creation is rationally explained alongwith the various sub-regions within them. Explanations are also provided for reason of creation, the spirit entities, salvation and the Ultimate Reality. Thus we may conclude this chapter by acknowledging the fact that Radhasoami Faith gives a detailed account of creation theory based on a rational scientific reasoning and logic.

We continue to explore the relation and the conflict between Science and Religion. The belief of the existence of a supernatural power was earlier one of followers of Religion but is now becoming a more acceptable idea amongst the general masses. Scientists who earlier used to disregard the concept are instead now doing focused research on these ideologies and trying to find more answers than questions which we will continue to look at.

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