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Brief Report on My Self-analysis

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Self-Analysis is the process of reckoning at oneself in order to analyze the aspects that are more important to one’s identity. It is one of the motivations that steer Self-Evaluation, along with Self-Verification and Self-Enhancement. We are more Self-Conscious about what other will think and how they will react towards an individual action. In this SAR I’m trying to evaluate my true self or to be more precise about my character, capabilities, capacity, perception about oneself and others. If we are not able to understand our own emotions, then it will be difficult for us to understand others emotional competency like Self-Management, Social awareness and team leadership.

In this era of lighting fast speed and technology it is not possible to make time and think about our personality, habits, values, who we are, what we want, what are our strength and which is the area of improvements in oneself.

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My name is SHUBHAM SAHU, I was born in Sitapur. A small town 90 Kms from Lucknow. I was born and brought up in a joint family till I was in class 10th, which means I was cherish and loves by lot of my family member’s. My mother Mrs. Ratna Sahu looks after the family business Medial Pharmacy shop (Whole sale & retail Unit) along with my younger brother Mohit Sahu and my uncles.

I did my initial school from Sitapur till class 10th from Sacred Heart Inter College. After completing my high school, I’ve to literally beg my mother to enroll me into a bigger school in a bigger city. Somehow I was able to convince my mother and she enrolled my admission in Sherwood Academy. I completed my 12th from there in year 2010.Post completion of my intermediate my family wants me come and join the family business but I was not interested in joining the same. I was interested in making my career in Marine Engineering, so along with one of my friend from Sherwood Academy we both decided to take admission in Amet University Chennai and pursue B.Tech in Naval Architecture & Off Shore Engineering. We were enrolled in for 2010 – 2014 batch. While pursuing my B. Tech from Chennai, I have learned a lot of things. The biggest challenge for me there was the local language (Tamil), with the help of few friends I was able to understand the local language and at the same time I was also able to differentiate the different types of regional languages spoken all over the India. I was above average student throughout my schooling and college days.

I’m an introvert, so making new friends has always been difficult for me. Generally I refrained myself from participating in any events, college fests or any social events. Being an introvert has never affected my course curriculum, I’m not good in participating in any fun activities or group events, but at the same time I’m good at curriculum or work related presentation and completing my assignments or work, before dead line. I’m a very warm hearted person and my biggest weakness are emotions, also at the same time I’m not able to understand others emotions.

I was campus selected from the Amet University in M/s Reliance Naval Engineerig Limited as an Engineer. I was a part of detailed design team in Design Department. I was a core team player and have worked on detailed design of Offshore Patrol Vessel for Indian Navy and Cadet Training Ship, Fast Patrol Vessel for India Coast Guard.

During my brief tenure of work experience I’ve learned a lot of things like team playing, time management, anger management and utilizing all the resources at your disposal effectively and efficiently to achieve the given targets and at the same time meet the organization mission/goal. In May 2018 I’ve decided to resign from my post and go for higher studies.

Now currently I’m pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow. I’ve zeal to learn new things, so I’m exploring myself again and trying to learn new things on daily basis. Joining in PGDM program makes me realize that there are still many things that I’ve to learn. The biggest challenge for me is that I’ve to unlearn few things and then learn again. PGDM course has given me a platform to polish my abilities which I was not able to provide time due to my hectic work schedule.

During my 4 year of tenure at M/s Reliance Naval engineering Limited I came across my situations where I have to take decision and guide my team in which there were people who had more experience than me. I was trained by retire Commanders from Indian Navy. Being trained under a commander one has to learn to obey orders and there is no room for errors.

“I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I’m definitely an individual” – Leonardo DiCaprio. Self-awareness is a process where an individual learns about his/her strengths, weaknesses, perception, attitude, beliefs and emotions. These parameters are the common checks of self-awareness and thus influence our desire for becoming a better individual. This process enables an individual to not only understand their own strength and weaknesses but also understand how others perceive them.


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