Bringing the Lived Experience of First-Generation College Students into the Academy

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The main idea behind the study is focusing on first-generation and low-income students who purposely find what kind of impact they have when they participate in the multicultural learning community. The multicultural learning community is one of the environments that is meant to challenge the students through exposure to a new environment. The majority of these students have experienced isolation and marginalization. The multicultural learning community employs various methods to determine different aspects that students go through. Different types of data are used to determine the lessons the students have gone through from marginalization to the multicultural learning community. One of the types of data that is used is qualitative data, which is represented in the form of writing. The use of retrogressive interviews is used to reflect how students who are perceived to be first-generation students are validated to be the ones who know and understand situations. The students are also recognized to be the ones who can easily nurture their sense of belonging in an academy. However, this validation of the students can only happen when the learners are incorporated into the classroom space where they can easily relate with their classmates.

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The research problem refers to the statements made about a particular area of concern. A research problem about a specific area focuses on various aspects that are highlighted within the research. The report touches on the issue in the study that needs to be eliminated to address the situation under investigation. The area of concern should exist in a scholarly article or be more practically used in life. The issue in this text deals with the students who come from diverse backgrounds and how they are incorporated into a classroom setting.

The students are expected to face challenges of adapting to the new system or environment in which they have been transferred. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, the students need to overcome the fear of change as they go into the new learning system. Thus, multicultural learning centers employ various methods to overcome this issue, which in a way, affects. Therefore, the research is meant to give a meaningful understanding of how it is essential to carry out a significant investigation. Also, it is important to offer an understanding of what people can do to ease the challenges that these students face.

The research also needs a summarization statement that gives an overall view of what the research is all about. The specific goals of the study and what it is supposed to be studied are underlined here. For this research, the main topic of discussion is how to deal with some of the challenges that students from poor backgrounds face. From the introduction part of this topic, it can be understood that the primary purpose of the research is to come up with a mechanism that eliminates the nature of behaviors that first-generation students face. Therefore, there is a need for understanding what the research will cover and how one can learn something from a study like this one. However, we need to be specific to the point to bring out the real outcome that is required.

The research being done should have an inquiry into a specific concern over the particular issue that is being addressed. The research question in this kind of investigation is all about whether the measure that the cultural learning centers will put in place can solve some of the challenges that the inquiry is reflecting.

The literature review refers to the search and evaluation that is done to check out the available literature in the given area or topic that research is being carried out. The literature review accounts for the artistic nature of writing in that particular area. The literature must reflect what the writer is writing about in the given area of concern. The essay takes the responsibility of analyzing what should be written in a particular area. Through a literature review, the research question comes in as it’s the type of literature that connects the given topic into the research question. The research question develops from the literature review. Through combining the subject matter to the literature review, a research question is formed.

Various methods are used in sampling and obtaining data from the given research area. The sampling method used is random sampling. Random sampling is the best sampling method as it acquires samples randomly from the field of study. The owners of the scholarly article are aware of the procedure that is used to carry out the research. Therefore, they address this data by minimizing errors and other mistakes that are likely to occur in the process of collecting data.

The data that is obtained from the sampling process is issued to give out an approximation of what the field looks like in terms of what is expected. The outcome of the findings is what the researchers use to offer their explanation in terms of what they were expected and what they have come up with. The results help structure the outcome of the research through the findings or outcomes. The investigators use the findings to relate to the real practical situations and thus compare them. The comparison is the one used to evaluate and carry out an analysis of the expectations that are required for the research.

When carrying out validation, the research that was done previously and proved several times issued to validate the outcome of the study, the substantiated scholarly data is used to evaluate both the accuracy and validity of the data at the same time. The conclusions drawn from the outcome are used to give out a systematic explanation that analysis how the data can be used in a real-life situation. The analyses also provide the weakness and strength of the study, which can be used to carry out other research in the future, and the areas that are highlighted need to be emphasized or be improved if they lack strength. The study also offers the learners an opportunity to have experience in how they should carry out other research tasks in the future. In improving the data like a researcher, I would carry out more analysis from different fields to enable me to piece together more facts.

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