Bringing Up Baby as an Example of Briliant Director's Work

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Entertainment can be found in many sources, one of the main sources of entertainment by today is films and television drams. Movies can take viewers to many levels of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger and fear. Since the early days film industry was able to invent new ideas as well as convert books in to movies with the time. Which made the movies to genre in to deferent categories such as western, comedy, musical, war, gangster, horror and some popular topics of the time of the movie has made. Since the early stages till today film makers use the sounds effects and used the storylines such as marriage and separation to keep the audience interesting, producers always tried to make the movies which are related to most of the western day to day life.

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Therefore, with the time of the movie has made genre has changed. Most of the films based on romance back in the early stage of movie making, which turns in to musicals and comedy romance later and later action and war and science friction. Till today film industry produce these types of movies where these movies can be recognizable easily from the start and the audience will be leave in expectation throughout the movie. Most of the movies have a same story which makes genres identical but the audience will not notice the difference since the story line is different. Movie production genres changed when the movie industry started to look into individuals life styles, such as the gangster movies and adventure movies. This took the film industry to a new level of looking at movie making. From the old days of romance and comedy, film makers had to change the ideas of how to express the movie by using appropriate clothing, dialogues, way the character speaks and environment depending on the story to make it more effective. The movie industry was able to create a relationship between the character in the movies and the audience to make the movies more interesting; by giving a character a more life which audience expect the character to have which will keep the audience with the movie till the end and putting the audience at the characters position in the movie. Movie production took a huge success by merging the audience and the characters perspective, recognition and the sympathy in to audiences mind. As well as the good side of this movie industries were able to create anger and hate between characters and audience as well, such as in the reality shows on television now days is a good example of that.

Moreover, movies and television drams have a greater effect with sounds that the producers used as well as the characters. All the sound effects are different with the each movie. Sounds give life to the character and to the movie. Sound effects can tell the audience what type of a situation the character is in such as the emotions like happiness and sadness and the fear as well by that audience can expect what they will about to see in the movie and the producers are careful enough to use the right type of music for the moment such as for a violence action part using a soft music is not going to help the audience to understand of feel the same feeling and most of the productions expect to get the structure of sympathy. In the early stage of movie productions movie makers only used motion and sounds for the movies, the perfect example for these types of movies are the movies from Charlie Chaplin, no dialogues were used but audience could understand the emotions and the rage for the moment. When it comes to the new age movie making produces are using all sort of options which are available such as cultural music and the background music to get more effect for the movies. From the early days till today movie makers are into make musicals, by that the story of the movie will tell in songs and the characters will express their emotions with songs, they will sing and dance or cry when the character wanted to express their feelings and by using melodramas like this have effectively helped the catch the attention of most audience.

Therefore, with all the facts of movie making “Bringing up Baby” from 1938 is a good example for a romantic comedy. With the experience actors such as Katharien Hepburn and Cary Grant Bringing up Baby made a good example for a melodrama. While showing the individual characters life style and what they need in their life, this movie made audience to love the characters and hate the characters at the same time. Bringing up Baby shows the emotional, romance between the main characters. Since the beginning of the movie main character Dr.David Huxley wanted to become and build what he always wanted for his future and get married to the girl that he thought he loves but while the movie is playing Susan Vance comes along and change the whole storyline. The movie give the audience a feeling how she feels by her amazing acting skills and she gives life to a playful rich girl who is desperately in need of love and that shows the audience the structure. Since the beginning of the movie till the end director Howard Hawks made sure to show the audience what are her real intentions as well as the issues that both the actors go on till the end of the movie. Bringing up Baby is a movie which has a flow with changing topics and adding topics when the movie starts to fade away from the audience. Such as putting a leopard the “baby” in the movie when no one was expected. Even that the title is about the leopard the movie wraps around the Susan and David, it shows how different they are as humans but when it comes to the end of the movie directors made sure to give an ending which audience expected. Producers has use the same melodrama to this movies with adding a bit of musical in to the movie and using sound effects as well as the way of using the tone of voice made a difference to show the and let the audience feel the moment.

In conclusion “Bringing up Baby” is the perfect example for one of the best movie examples of how the directors use the roots of genre and melodrama with the way of using the romance, musicals and the action. As the author mentioned and by looking into the Bringing up Baby movie it shows how similar authors ideas and the real movie matches for a perfect movie production.

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