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Broken Windows Theory of Deviance

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The Family That Went to New York Example

Let’s say a family went to New York city in summer to have fun and when they arrived, they wanted to walk in the streets to enjoy the beauty of the city before they go and eat in a restaurant but while they were walking in the streets they saw windows on the building have been broken and there’s graffiti on the walls and abandoned cars. The family were scared and couldn’t stay no longer because the first thing they thought about was the place is DANGEROUS and they should leave immediately.

Without knowing the area and why it looks like that and what happened and without asking anyone in the street about this areas they concluded based on how it looks like, it was unsafe because we as a people cares about how the place looks like because we can’t be in a place that we are not sure if it’s safe or not and based on how the place looks like we can decide if we will be able to stay or to leave immediately. That’s what broken windows theory means and that’s what I am going to discuss.

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What is the Broken Windows Theory

The broken windows theory was written in 1982 by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling. Their theory states that signs of disorder will lead to more disorder. A building with broken windows that has been left unrepaired will give the appearance that no one cares and no one is in charge. This will lead to vandals breaking the rest of the windows and adding graffiti, because in their minds nobody cares also increasing the number of abandoned building leads to increase the criminals, drug dealers and homeless people who will live in these abandoned building and that will make the area dangerous because it will be the home of bad people to do bad things in that area or to people in this area.

A lot of people in this life are trying their best to be successful but, some people give up and when they give up they might either be homeless, criminals, drug dealers etc. And most of them will live in these building with broken windows because they feel safe there and it will be there home and they will continue doing what they are doing.


The conclusion is the more like these buildings with broken windows will appears, the more bad people will be around the buildings and the more crimes will committed in the city. The only way to decrease the crimes in the city to fix the buildings with broken windows because in this way we will get rid from all the criminals who live in these buildings and that will decrease the crimes that happens in the city and also the city will stay clean,beautiful and safe.


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