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Brutus – a Trаgic Herо in Shаkespeare’s "Julius Caesar"

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Hero is not just a title and to be a true hero it takes more than getting your elderly neighbors cat out of the tree. Throughout the play it is also safe to say Brutus is not a villain. The best category for Brutus falls under the personnel of a tragic hero. Throughout the play it is obvious to the reader that Brutus is loved by most, including Caesar. Secondly, Brutus revolves his actions around the people of Rome and less his own needs. Lastly, he can not be classified as true hero because of the violence that leads him to “victory”.

In the play the characteristic of tragic hero easily connect to Brutus making it very easy to demonstrate why that s the best title for him. It is safe to say Brutus Is not a hero from head to toe. Some of his acts Inflict tragedy on others and Inflict pain on him self. Brutus causes much pain to people close to Caesar such as California and antonym “o mighty Caesar! Dost thou Ill so low? are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee well.” This shows that Brutus is not hinging about the entire Rome but only the majority. This means that through some eyes Brutus is a villain. On the other hand the majority see him as a savior of Rome and he truly believes that what he has done to Caesar and those close to Caesar is for the better of the people. It is clear what Brutus goal is and as we learn he is setting out to accomplish that goal. It seems to be a fairly straight forward but it is not told to the reader that Brutus seems to be a good representation of the roman people. This means that he is a favorite throughout Rome.

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Career’s final words “et u, Brute! Then fall Caesar! ” shows that even though Brutus is the killer of Caesar, Caesar trusted Brutus. Caesar is a good representation of Rome and what most think of Brutus. With this power Cassias uses Brutus to help leave an opening in Caesar spot. Some may think that by killing Caesar this makes Brutus a hero but as we know the killing of Caesar does not please everyone in Rome. Brutus is a well known and loved man in Rome and the fact that he kills Caesar brings out a naive side of him.

Cassias uses Brutus to open up a spot for himself. Brutus does not see that this is what Cassias is doing and is suddenly in a spot he might not have originally been in if it wasn’t for Cassias. The murder of Caesar brings out the corruption of Rome and suddenly turns to battle with Rome torn. “Defiance, traitors, hurl we in your teeth: If you dare fight to-day, come to the field”. This shows how Brutus killing of Caesar seems to be good but after all raise more chaos than has intended, therefore making him a tragic hero.

In the paragraphs above it is clear that Brutus Is not a Hero nor a villain but a tragic ere. The definition of a tragic hero is a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy that is destined for downfall. Brutus is a powerful man but seems to be a little naive about where he stands In Rome and who he stands for or with. Brutus seems to do a lot for the Roman people, and putting them in front of himself. Lastly not all that Brutus does is good for everyone making him not a true hero. This explains why Brutus is caught in the middle of hero and villain.


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