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Bucket Lists – The List To Avoid Before You Die

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A worldwide – epidemic is ensuing and it is spreading relentlessly and incessantly. People from: all walks of life from hairdressers to hedge fund managers; all ages from 16 to 60; and all continents from America to Antarctica, are creating Bucket Lists. We, as humans are starting to develop an insatiable and obsessive appetite that includes: swimming with deadly sharks; criss-crossing between every country ever made and trying to climb Mount Everest. You may object and ask, “What is wrong with having these aspirations?”.

The problem is that everyone’s lists are so similar, so generic and so homogenous that there is no space for individuality, no space for creativity and no space whatsoever for uniqueness. On the internet, nowadays, there are scores upon scores of websites with garish logos attempting to enticing us in to their lair so that they can entrap us into making a bucket list. The problem pertaining to these websites with have URLs like, or (even the names are alike) is that they don’t induce self-debate, soul-searching or self-discovery instead an abundance of pre-made “tailored” lists pop up and coax us into clicking onto them, hence everyone ends up with lists that detail visits: to Machu Pichu, the Taj Mahal or Mount Fuji.

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The Name

I strongly believe that the problem itself stems from the name itself. A “bucket” connotes ideas of death not enjoyment. It also implies a haphazard and random concoction of suggestions lumped together and dumped into a bucket, not a carefully-crafted, excruciatingly-detailed and intricately put together plan of how to spend our days on earth. The word “list” follows suit as it too is boring, lacklustre and mundane. I’m sure that most of your parents make shopping lists, and I know, for certain, that most of us utilize revision lists to aide our revision. These examples show how uninspiring the name is, “list” should be replaced with audacious, heroic words which have bravado like “quest” “expedition” or “voyage”


As a fellow teenager should we really be worrying about our lives being incomplete? No. Opportunities will constantly make themselves known before us, only then do we have to seize them. We should not try to build on that which we don’t have. Bucket lists are for those who think that they have done too little too late, “whose words forked no lightning”, or “whose frail deeds might have danced in a green bay”. They try to reverse this by doing too much to late. Therefore, I urge you, enjoy life now, do what you like little and often and thus, you won’t have to take shortcuts when you’re older.


There is a very strong correlation between travel and bucket lists, the recent hype over bucket lists has seen holidays rises like Kilimanjaro. However most of the beautiful, ethereal and picturesque destinations were not created with the intention of millions of people visiting, photographing and admiring them each year. Nor were they created to withstand such a barrage of families, couples and singletons alike. Many buckets lists, detail the ambition to visit places which themselves are on the brink of “kicking the bucket”. However, it must be ironically noted that by the sudden influx of tourists attempting to marvel in the stunning and enthralling grandeur of the pearl white glaciers, the level of CO2 gas is increasing as the demands for flights, hotels and guides soars. This over-tourism is leading to costal erosion, so I would suggest booking your flights to Amsterdam and Venice with urgency, because it may not be there soon.

Social Media

I’m sure everyone here must have social media? How many of you have added scores of stunning pictures from your plethora of picturesque holidays? Those scenes of us frolicking on the beach, holding famous-monuments in our hands and showing-off the beautiful blue sea as a backdrop only show a second of a whole experience. It leads to our pages becoming more like our own shopping-windows, where the pictures are used as digital currency. This has led to the destruction of the nuances that used to be entailed in every holiday, no matter where it was Marbella or Machu Pichu. Nobody goes on holiday now without a travel guide, everyone goes to the same places, not down the twisting, cobbled and mysterious alleyways of Italy, or to local villages nor to explore a different culture, as previously happened. Bucket lists, I think, have to partly shoulder the blame for this, the competition created by them, forces people to only visit “the sites” so that they can apply their sepia filter so that in can be liked by everyone.


I encourage all of you tonight, who have bucket lists, to rip them up and burn them. As I have said, we are too young to even fathom their creation. We are the generation that needs to find the vaccine to stop the epidemic from spreading furthermore.


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