"Buffalo Wild Wings" - a Mixture Between a Sports Bar, Restaurant & Entertainment Center


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Who would not want finger licking wings? This restaurant is my favorite because it is a cozy hangout spot, which makes you feel comfortable and as if you are at home surrounded by your family. However, when you first walk in Buffalo Wild Wings, you will see a large number of people and black and yellow walls covered with bold text which televisions playing many different sporting events are hanging. Half of the restaurant which is a bar, surrounded with brown wooden chairs requires you to be the age of twenty one or older. The other half, which is overloaded with brown wooden tables and chairs are for families who are out having dinner.

There are several choices to choose from on their menu such as appetizers, wraps, salads, burgers, sandwiches, flatbreads, and most importantly multi-flavored wings! They are famous for their fourteen wing sauces that ranges from Sweet Barbeque to Blazin’ Hot. When they say Blazin’ they are not joking either. It tastes exactly how it smells. “They have a Blazin’ Wing Challenge” that allows you to pay a small fee of $12.00 to get a dozen Blazin’ wings and if they are all eaten within six minutes with nothing to drink or dipping sauce, you will be rewarded a free tee-shirt, and your picture will be taken and placed on the wall. They also have various amounts of appetizers such as chips and salsa, soft pretzels, onion rings, mozzarella sticks. The four side dishes consist of potato wedges, buffalo chips, french fries, and onion rings. There is also a kid’s meal that includes the choices of wings, hamburger, mac and chees or mini corn dogs. Overall, there is something on the menu that any individual would enjoy.

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On the other hand, when going to a sports bar, I expect more than just heavenly food. I expect the atmosphere to be at least decent and great service. Buffalo Wild Wings is not the location for either of those callings. The restaurant is very shadowy, congested, sluggish, and ear-splitting on game days but I like the raucous environment. I feels like an entire family is watching the game together. For an adult, the average price is around fifteen dollars, and seven dollars for kids. If you are wanting a nice family dinner, I suggest you to come on a day where there is not a game taking place. Because the restaurant is so cluttered and loud, it is very difficult to hear what the people next to you are saying.

Eating at B-dubs is only fun when you are a fan of a performing team, but on a normal day it would be lovely to conversate with the person whom you are eating with. Also, I suppose that a carry out service should be quick for a sports bar. Carryout orders can take a minimum of at least twenty-five minutes. In order to order carryout, you must go in the restaurant because the workers do not answer the phone. Instead, the workers let the phone ring until voicemail.

My favorite dish at Buffalo Wild Wings is the traditional buffalo hot wings and macaroni meal. I always ask for extra buffalo and ranch sauce because it tastes appetizing. As I dip the wing into the ranch dressing I start to get mouthwatering smells from it. The semi large portions fills you up to where you do not have room for dessert. They also offer weekly specials that are hard to overlook and pass by. Tuesday specials are $0.60 bone-in wings and Thursdays are $0.60 boneless wings which allows you have a minimum of four wings and an order on an unlimited amount. The uniforms that the workers wear are jerseys that are very different, but unique. Each employee has a black and yellow jersey that has their name pressed on their upper back.

Buffalo Wild Wings has many different locations, so you should never have trouble finding one wherever you are located. Overall, I generally always desire to eat at sports bars and grills because of the exciting atmosphere. Although there may be other restaurants similar to Buffalo Wild Wings, you cannot compare their locations environment or prices to any other restaurant. Buffalo Wild Wings is unquestionably worth a try, as long as you’re not in a hurry or like to be in crowded and loud environments.

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