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Builder in North London; Quality Refurbishment and extensions

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Pennywise Pound foolish would be an apt description of a person not wanting to update or refurbish their house in London. Builder in North London are about quality house refurbishment at North London. The average price of a North London house is almost 3/4 of a million Pounds. The mathematical average figure for a 2108 North London house is 734,065 Pounds. Adding a loft conversion (Making usable living space from the top sloping roof area) costs between 16,000 to 36,000 Pounds and increases value by 10% or 73,406 pounds. Adding a toilet costs between 2500 to 6000 Pounds increasing value by 6% or 44,044 Pounds. An additional kitchen costs around 8000 Pounds and is claimed to increase value by 5.8% or 42,576. there is just no way a house owner could lose, and such a condition is a guaranteed win-win situation. this increases not only real estate value but also increases rental value, as house extensions provide more usable space.

By British house building laws that is just not possible to own a house and not make routine maintenance in that house. Upkeep of a house is an expensive reality. A house on rental to a tenant has to be painted yearly. Plumbing, electrical, wooden, flooring, concrete and metal fixtures need constant costly repair and maintenance. In case of adding house extension, the routine maintenance costs would go down considerably, then if done without house extensions.

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Some of the routine house building services that builders engage in are, Alterations, driveways, home garage extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, loft conversions, wet rooms, and refurbishments. A little about these categories,

Garage and house extensions. Designs to choose from, current, glass construction, modular rooms, and extensions. The owners choice style of modern, Victorian, Roman or perhaps terraced construction can be carried out by most reputable builders.

Bathrooms. fascinating toilets are always required in a good house. There are so many different styles and fittings to choose from, for whatever the budget. Showers, W/C’s, basins, taps, geyser connections, mirrors, beautiful towel hangers and more.

Kitchen. Kitchens have to be pragmatic and yet have a very attractive look. Lasting beautiful cabinets, comfortable large working sinks, drawers that are smooth and lasting in operation, cutting area for meat and vegetables of practicality and convenience, a place for fixtures, ovens, toasters, exhaust fans and more

Loft Conversions have gained momentum in the last 2 decades. The topmost area near the sloping roof was generally not utilized in older styling. With proper modern planning, such space can be transformed into a small attractive, workable bedroom.

Driveways Parking space for multiple cars is obtained by removing protruding roof support pillars and bracing the roof with modern alternate engineering. Attractive modern driveway tiles can be added according to the owner’s likes.

Alterations Almost each owner’s house is different and unique. A different styling, engineering, and method have to be done according to the desires of the owners.

Refurbishments are routinely required over a period of time as well as attempts to increase usable area, both for an increase in Real Estate value as well as commanding more rentals with the increased usable area.


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