Bullying: a Major Problem in Today’s Society

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Bullying: a Major Problem in Today’s Society

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Bullying has been around for a long time, but the negative influence that it has on society is becoming overbearing. Bullying can occur anywhere, from the workplace to the store, but its main host is the school compound. Bullying in school is a major concern, not just for Americans, but internationally. Some of the negative influences of bullying are depression and anxiety in students, which is causing them to become drug addicts. Also, bullying is one of the major causes of suicide among teens in the United States.

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With this unfortunate circumstance, schools need to put a stop to bullying. Informing the school and the community on the issue of bullying is the first step in ending it. To continue, the next is to make rules that will prevent kids from wanting to bully other students. Also, creating an anti-bully committee and a bullying report office in schools will help reduce bullying. With cyber bullying being so difficult to detect, we inform parents and students about safe internet use and ask parents to monitor their child internet usage. Bullying is an inhumane act and it’s time to put a stop to it.

Disagreement amongst people has been in existed since life was first on earth, but the term known as “bullying” has only been around since 1693 (Lewis, 2012). The term bullying is a verb, which means the use of superiority or strength to intimidate someone to do what one wants by means of compulsion or coercion (Lewis, 2012). Bullying is not new to society, but its negative impact on kids have raised awareness all around the world. Dating back two decades ago, many people saw bullying or being bullied as a normal part of growing up (Lewis, 2012). Some cultures, even believe that being bullied will make you a ‘stronger man’ or a ‘more independent’ women (Lewis, 2012). However, in today’s society, bullying is viewed as a cruel act that needs to be stopped.

The school compound has been the main host of bullying. Bullying in school arises as a global issue, and people are becoming more aware of its essence and its consequences. Going to school should be like a second home, a safe, compliant place, but for some student, school can be a social nightmare. Some may view bullying as a harmless act, but it is in fact a dangerous act. Students that have been bullied tend to be emotionally unstable, depressed, loss of interest in school and they have a higher risk of becoming drug addicts and school dropout. Bullying does not only affect the person being bullied, but also the bully himself. Persons who are bullies are usually the ones with the most problems and they use bullying as a mask to hide all their problems. Students who bully are more prone to abuse alcohol and drugs, they usually engage in risky sexual activities and are more likely to grow up as criminal convicts.

With the increase advancements in technology, bullying has become an even bigger problem for society to handle. Bullying is no longer limited to the real world, but the cyber world has also been affected. Technology is now being used to purposely and frequently cause danger to others, which is a term known as cyberbullying. With cyber bullying, bullying can occur without being detected and thus even more difficult to put a stop to. Cyber bullying is more threatening, because unlike traditional bullying it can occur even when the person is out of sight.

The national statistics of bullying clearly show that 28% of U.S students, grades 6-12 have been bullied and 30% have admitted to bullying others. Approximately twenty, 10-15 year old bullied victims commit suicide each year. Whereas, over 1 million children bully other children each year. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, it’s time to put a stop to this cruel act known as bullying.

To combat the negative influence of this antisocial behavior won’t be easy, but it is possible. The first step in preventing bullying in school is educating parents, teachers and students about the issue of bullying. Knowing about the negative impacts of bullying can go a long way in the prevention of bullying. One way in which the community can involve in this issue is by launching an awareness campaign to inform different schools, community members and parents about our objectives on bullying. The creation of anti-bullying club in school can also help inform students about the negative effects of bullying and educate them about the consequences of performing such task towards their peers.

The next step in the program to end bullying is to implement strict rules against bullying on school the compound. Such rules can include expulsion of bullies, or in some cases, jail time. Having a camera in each building will allow the school to better identify the bullies that are roaming around in the school. Also, the creation of an anti-bully committee and a bullying report office at the school can help keep an eye on the issue of bullying in the schools. The anti-bully committee would be anonymous and would be responsible for reporting any issue of bullying that is taking place in the school compound and reporting it to the bullying office. Also, we would reward other students who are willing to report any issue of bullying that they see taking place in school. There are also security guards and police that are on the school compound and that will help minimize the problem.

However, in the case of cyber bullying, it will be difficult to detect and prevent as people can join the net anonymously. The best we can do is to inform students and parents about the use of the internet and how to use it for a good cause instead of bad. Students would be informed that they should watch what they post and that they should be respectful of others online. Letting them know that one embarrassing thing that they post online can follow them for life. Also, having parents constantly check student’s social media networks can limit the issue of bullying as parents will be able to detect if you are a bully or if you are being bullied and report it to the authorities.

With bullying being such a major issue in today’s society, especially in schools, we should all lend a hand in preventing it. School should be a place of learning, not a place of judgment and harassment. Bullying has taken a toll on society long enough, it’s time to put a stop to it before it destroys our future generations.

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