Bullying and Its Effect on Education

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Insecure. Loser. Humiliated. Depressed. Powerless. Distressed. These are only a few words that describe how a child, who is a victim of bullying feels. School bullying is an intent to cause pain on a child by his or her peer(s). It 's a form of mentally, physically, and/or verbal abuse. School bullying is devastating to a child. Not only does it affect a child 's self-esteem and their self-confidence but their education as well. The point is that school bullying is a very serious matter and should not be tolerated, especially when a child 's education is at stake.

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Education gives a child an opportunity to develop and to learn. School bullying robs them of that opportunity to have a bright and successful future, since they are unable to do well academically. I will discuss the negative impact on students whom are victims of bullying. I will bring awareness to the different types of bullying in schools. Lastly, I will share information on how schools can get the staff, students, as well as the community involved in a plan to prevent bullying.

Victims of bullying suffer academically. Grades and academic performance decrease because the students who are victims are constantly walking around school in fear, which as a result can enable them from paying attention in class. They may even be too afraid to speak up in class or take part in class discussions. Although some students may want to do well in school, if they are victims of bullying, students may give their teachers the impression that they are incapable of doing their assignments or motivated enough to do their best.

The ability to do well in school builds a child 's self-esteem and self-confidence. It makes learning fun and even exciting. The opposite happens to victims of bullying in their school. Signs of what may seem like an nonachiever in school may become clear. Victims of bullying show little to no interest in school and class participation. They may not care to join any school clubs or teams.

As a result, victims of school bullying tend to isolate themselves from their peers, friends, and their family. They dread going to school each day. Some students may not want to go to school so they try to stay home or even skip it upon arrival. Not attending school regularly or participating can have a negative impact on victims of bullying in schools education. It 's impossible for any child to succeed and do well in school, if a he or she shows little to no interest by not participating in class and attending school.

There are a few types of bullying that appear in ddifferent forms, but, also, clear. Various types of bullying in schools are either obvious or subtle. However, identifying the types of bullying in school can help parents and teachers pinpoint which form of bullying the student is a victim of as well as receive information and learn techniques on how to stop it. Children who are bullied by their peers feel powerless because they don 't know to stop it. They feel alone. Not knowing how to handle the situation makes a child too afraid to tell their teacher and parents.

Bullying should not be tolerated, but prevented. There are helpful tips on how to deal with different types of bullying in schools. Knowing how to deal with bullying in schools is educational and empowering. Children, who are bullied by their peers, will no longer have to feel humiliated, embarrassed, and weak. provides tips that are useful in overcoming bullying.

Walk away from the bully

Protect Yourself

Report the bullying to a trusted adult

Parents and teachers must educate themselves so that they recognize the signs of child being bullied.

School administrators can educate students, families, and teachers so that they can help prevent bullying in their school. As a result, they can set up an environment in which bullying is not acceptable. This helps victims feel like they are not alone. In order for a plan for bullying prevention to be effective, parents, teachers, students and community members must work together as a team.

A bullying prevention plan can help stop bullying before it starts. One of the most important reason for developing a plan to prevent bullying is make the school safe. Children need to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. A well established bullying prevention plan engage parents, create policies, build a safe environment, and educate school and staff. The plan should also provide help and support for the child being bullied. School administrators and staff can collaborate on bullying prevention policies and programs. They can brainstorm on innovative and meaningful ideas that will give an opportunity for those involved to connect and stand in unity against bullying in schools.

Bullying prevention programs can, also, create opportunities for students to become advocates for their peers, to demonstrate teamwork, and encourage students to become an ally and not a bystander when it comes someone being bullied. Bullying prevention policies should be implemented and consistent. Schools can integrate anti-bullying in their curricula. Teachers can use classroom rules and management to inform students about consequences when addressing bullying students. Schools can choose a week or month each year that focuses on bully prevention.

In conclusion, bullying in schools has a negative impact on students that effect their ability to learn and do well academically. The negative can turned into positive one by trying to stop bullying before it starts. Parents, teachers and school administrators can educate themselves, recognize the warning signs, and share the information about bullying. There are online resources for school administrators and staff to help them develop a bullying prevention plan. Enforcing and implementing bullying policies can help students feel safe and secure in school. These policies can change a child, who have felt like an insecure, humiliated, depressed, powerless, and distressed loser into someone who loves going to school and feels like a confident, powerful, and happy person who has a bright and successful future.

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