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Bullying and Teenage Suicide: How it Affects Teenagers

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Bullying as a Cause of Youth Suicide


Youth suicide is a global problem that is often experienced by teenagers. The phenomenon depicts a wrong and destructive decision that portrays teenagers to be useless beings in the society. Major contributing factors to youth suicide include low esteem and self-image that creates a strong link between bullying and youth suicide. Bullying may seem to be a slight issue that later manifest itself into an overwhelming burden that can cause teenage suicide. This research proposal is a presentation of the contribution of bullying to teen suicide in the society. The proposal analyzes the relationship that exists between bullying and suicide among the youth. The proposal acts as a proof that bullying is a major contributing factor to teen suicide in the contemporary society.

Rationale for the Research

Various studies have been done to provide proof for bullying as one of the leading causes of teen suicide in the society. Various research articles implement both research and practice in the daily lives of the teenagers who are often affected by bullying. Qualitative research has been done to examine the intersections of gender and ethnic backgrounds of individuals as well as their relationship with bullying and suicide attempts amongst the youth. Some of the research articles have taken a sample of teenagers in New York City. Other ethnography research articles have been exploited in the research proposal since cultures, values, and norms of different ethnic groups have been described. Secondary data have also been analyzed to determine the relationship that exists between gender and the risks of suicide attempts.

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Other phenomenology qualitative research methods have been used to review the deaths that have resulted from suicide cases among the teenagers in various cities, more so the city of Toronto. The review of the suicide deaths is based on data from many years back to the data recorded in the recent years. The research article define research carried out that tend to analyze the relationship between bullying, clinical variables such as demographics and the methods that teenagers used to commit suicide.

Literature Review

A research was done in 2010 to find out the connection between various identities and harassment in relation deaths resulting from suicide among the youth in New York City and it included a careful analysis of the youth behavior from New York City. The result of the survey that was done in 2009 was used in the research done later in 2010. The study done considering the fact that the rising cases of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth was a common phenomenon in the city of New York (LeVasseur, Kelvin and Grookopf, 2013, p. 2).

The truth behind the cases deaths among the lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths was noted after the research that was done to investigate the several deaths that occurred between the ages of 12 to 19 in 2010. Samples of the youth in New York City were picked in the same year that bullying was realized to be a cause of youth suicide in America. Although the research may not have been entirely accurate since the sample used was obtained in 2009, and the causes of suicide tend to vary from time to time, the research was based on a trend that had just been noted by the department of deaths in New York.

The research carried out to investigate the behavior of the youth from New York City was based on secondary sources of information that was from a survey done prior to the year 2010. The survey is recorded to have been administered in school settings that were the best environment to find the majority of the youth who were affected. It is common knowledge that bullying in schools is a phenomenon that school administrations have been trying to eradicate over the years. Bullying among students is noted to be resulting from the older students who despise their colleges at school. The survey, however, did not involve the students who were in juvenile detention centers and children missed school.

Previous records indicate that it is in the juvenile centers where there are groups of young people who have been found guilty of crimes in the society. The crimes could be suicide attempts that they committed in the past. The survey that was done in a school setting could have involved the juvenile centers just to be accurate with the results of the survey regarding the relationship between bullying and youth suicide. Those who were absent from school could have been as well victims of suicide attempts in the past because of various reasons that were to be investigated. Well planning of the survey was, therefore, required to cater for those in juvenile centers. For instance, the survey team could have been divided into groups to do the research in various places. In the cases of the students who were absent from school on the day of the research, previous awareness could have been made to the school administration to warn the students from absenteeism on that particular day (LeVasseur, Kelvin and Grookopf, 2013, p. 2).

The survey that provided data for the research done in 2010 was also not very reliable since the parents of the school going teenagers were not sent letters that would seek for their authorization of the procedure that was to be done. Absenteeism as a result of parents withholding their children and preventing them from participating in the survey could have contributed to the difficulty in identifying the kind of interaction among the children.

A Survey of Bullying as a Causal Aspect in Teenage Suicide in the city of Toronto

The research was done in 2011 with the youth being the primary target. Various reports were evaluated for all the lives lost among teenagers in the city of Toronto. The information used in the study was obtained from surveys that were done from 1998 to 2011. During the study, the data that was analyzed was obtained from office charts that indicated the suicide deaths since 1998. Charts were nonetheless not the best source of information that the study had to rely on (Sinyor, Schafer and Cheung, 2014, p. 633).

Charts are known to be brief and may lead to the omission of some data because of the minimum space available to record the information. The drawers of charts tend to specialize in utilizing the limited space to capture a wide range of information but some information has to be omitted. Different sources of information such as books and journals could have been used to obtain the required data.

On a positive note, the study was significant in finding out how bullying leads to suicide deaths from 16 states in the United States of America. The extent to which bullying contributes to youth suicide was also identified in the research. Despite the concentration of the researchers to find evidence of bullying being a causal aspect of teenage deaths resulting from suicide, the research noted down the contradictory opinion.

Cyber Bullying and Suicide

Records indicate that cyber bullying is a more prevalent phenomenon due to the existence of cell phones and the internet. Reports also indicate that approximately 42 percent of the youth who have access to the internet have occasionally been bullied. The same reports on cyber bullying indicate that about 69 percent of the youth have access to the internet through the use of their own devices. The same youth have their social media accounts through which they often access the social media platforms without being regulated by anybody. Social media bullying occurs in various ways ranging from insulting text messages sent to confidential information that is published publicly in the internet for everybody to view (“Bullying Suicide Statistics”, 2014).

Research from network operators show that teen texting is double of what the adults do. A special report indicates that girls can be capable of sending up to 100 hundred messages on a daily basis. Over 7.5 million Facebook users are also said to be the youth, with a majority of the youth admitting that the bullying from the internet is a common occurrence (“Megan Meier Foundation | Cyber bullying”, 2016). Cyber bullying victims may go to the extreme of committing suicide when the situation seems too embarrassing and there are no signs of help or coping up with the continued bullying. It is advisable for parents and educators to be aware of the signs of youth depression that results from cyber bullying and the high risk of suicide attempts by the youth. Bullying and statistics can be helpful in learning how to identify the problem before it becomes worse (“Statistics @ NVEEE”, 2016).

Prevalence of Bullying and Suicide

A lot of concerns have been made concerning the association between bullying and suicidal deaths, insinuating that bullying truly causes suicide among the youth. However, the prevalence of the suicide cases that result from bullying has not been highlighted in most cases. Research data indicate that persistent bullying could cause feelings of isolation, rejection, exclusion, and despair, in addition to those of depression and anxiety that can lead to suicidal behavior. Again, information from research has it that the vast majority of those who are bullied do not commit suicide. The cases of suicide that results from bullying are considered to be extreme cases of bullying that leads to extreme feelings of isolation and depression. Upon depression and the anxiety to overcome such horrible feelings, the youth may opt to suicidal decisions. Research also indicates that the youth who end up committing suicide because of depression have multiple risk factors with bullying included (“Facts About Bullying |”, 2016).

Children are perceived to have a high risk of being bullied as compared to the grown-ups due to a lot of risk factors. Information from research states that children are perceived to be different from their peers. For example, children may be overweight or underweight and most probably new to any particular environment. Low self-esteem in children is said to be a contributing factor that increases the risk of suicides among the youth. Those who are bullied may have fewer friends than the other people; thus, they may not have anyone to stand for them when they are being bullied. Those who have been victims of bullying are said to be provocative or annoying; hence; their chances of getting along with others are limited (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2014).

Research from human rights organizations states that there are no clear laws that protects people from being bullied. Studies reveal that it appears misleading to cover a story of a youth who has committed suicide as a crime. It is considered appropriate to rather consider covering the story as a public health issue. Bullying is noted to be a form of harassment, but it does not break the law (“Facts About Bullying |”, 2016).


A careful analysis of the results of the studies done reveals that a majority of the females who are exposed to bullying are more likely to opt for suicide attempts. The situation where women may opt for suicide because of bullying is a justification of the fact that bullying truly contributes to teenage suicide. The risk of committing suicide because of bullying, however, varies because of other risk factors that may contribute to the extreme extent of isolation and depression. The findings from the 16 states in the research done in the city of Toronto, reveals that bullying in deed precipitates deaths resulting from suicide.

Suicide among young people is a growing health concern that is caused by bullying alongside other risk factors. Teenagers are apparently overwhelmed by many simple factors and challenges that are associated with adolescence; thus, their high risks of committing suicide because of bullying.


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