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Burma During the Socialism & Communism Crisis

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The Socialism and communism were spread to Myanmar. As Myanmar was govern by military, people must obey the military’s order. If not people will sent to jail or will be charged. When lots of corruptions and many others conceal the resources. The 88 is uprising is all about people who protest and the shootings of the military. The people who protested were monks, students and many politicians. During the crisis, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi emerged as an national icon. At that time, Myanmar was governed by the system of Socialism. As the country was control by that system, all kinds of products, business or even education was limited. There were cooperative shops. So people have little money and little food.

Even if the socialist system went the way it is there should be no trouble or crisis. But the almost all the government officials and head of the city and towns went on many corruptions. So the cooperative shops had a little to sell. Then, people try to buy food or goods from black market instead of those shops. So the government don’t earn the money that they’re supposed to. Then, the government earn less and less money and they can’t do anything without money. After that, they wanted to reclaim the money so they made all the currency unofficial and printed new notes without compensation to people. In that way, people’s money were completely wiped out. Especially students, their saving for education were completely wiped out, which means the president U Ne Win’s act destroyed the future form the students. From that, not just students, the country started to protest the government. The event was started from 12 March 1988 to 21 September 1999.

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The students, monks and a lot of people over half a million. The protesters were shot down to death death in military coup. The leader of the students is Min Ko Hlaing, also the NLD party became the national icon. The main purpose of the crisis was to achieve Democracy. The people used many methods to achieve democracy, including Civil Disobedient, Civil Resistance, demonstrations, riots and strike action. But as the soldiers were armed, there were no match with the military. A lot of people and students were shot down ending with the stream of blood on the streets.

In this crisis, for the social role, Burma became one of the impoverished countries in the world. The president of Burma was U Ne Win who leads the military. Min Ko Hlaing and Daw Ag San Su Kyi who were among the resistance tried to achieve democracy. But Daw Ag San Su Kyi was put under the house arrest for no reason. During the crisis, Burma was cut off from foreign countries including UN. Also, the NLD party became the national icon. There were a lot of political events in Burma, which were resisting the unsystematic socialism for the country. The political buildings were damaged. Also there was seems to be start of the crisis, which was at the tea-shop students from RIT argued with drunken youths.

Then they fought each other one was stabbed and killed. A brawl followed in which one youth, who was the son of a BSPP official, was arrested and later released for injuring a student. Students were not satisfied with releasing the culprit. So they protested at the local police department. Later about 50 police riot down the area and made them step back. During that one student was shot and killed. Some says it was an accident but some says it was on purpose to scare the students away. One of the information to point out was the police brutality, during the crisis, police threw tear gas into streets and they even raped the students. During the event, universities and schools were shut down for two years which made the education of the students went down hill. As I mentioned on above, Burma was one of the impoverished countries. As the country was cut out from foreign countries, there were so little trading and people were not so productive. Actually the main reason of the economics problems was there were a lot of corruptions in the government officials and members.

The aftermath was tens of thousands people died. Hundreds of people fled to Thai and joined the insurgent groups. The speech of the president became world wide famous in negative connotation. The speech he said was ‘‘For this time I will demote form president. If the you(people) went a crisis again remember that the bullets will never go up to the sky.’’ That kind of speech should never said by the president. After the president demoted Burma was opened for the path to Democracy. After a few years, Daw Ag San Su Kyi was freed from house arrest. In 2015 election, NLD won and the country was achieved democracy. Though, NLD is still trying to compromise between Arms and Peace. Still Burma is still facing foreign challenges like Rohingya issues in Rakhine State.


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