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Business Law: The Case of the Dolls Shop

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Margaret was the owner of the dolls shop at vision city in 1989. As the business grew she wanted to have some help from her family where she had a daughter named Emily that had being with her as join her business at vision city who would be collection or getting all the dolled that where unsold. But afterall when the mother Margret retired she decided to give the unsold dolls for charity which wasn’t agreed upon in a family discussion.

On the law of business, it is the will and wish of Margret as the owner of the business to give her business to charity. But the question is or should be consistency to her promise to Emily her daughter for helping her. Before we have advised, the relationship between Margret and her Daughter we have understood that all the unsold dolls should be received by Emily her Daughter as an employer to Margret’s business for the part of work she as the daughter does. The law clear says the worker or employer can take protection by law if there is a breach of agreement between the employer and the employee. The dolls that Margret agreed to give Emily didn’t take place as promised where she plans to give as charity are the very dolls she promised to give Emily.

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Therefore Emily can be advised to seek legal action with reference of breach of contract.

Emily as the daughter accepted to work with the mother can file a case under the law of the contract and some laws which have being relating the towards her mother, where she has breach it. According the breach of the contract law, it has said that every worker or employer has the rights and freedom to seek any court weather it is of the lower courts or the higher courts complaining for the promised that haven’t being made upon as a payment. Where in the promise she planed or agreed to give the unsold dolls to Emily but breached the contract.

In concluding I advise Emily to file a case going against her mother nonpayment of the unsold dolls and is seeking or planning to give the dolls for charity purposes or make out some good decisions for sharing the sale between her and the charity including her compensation.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the charity is good but also as danger towards having it as a small business scale with reports compiled as very much affected Emily’s mother which she decided to give the unsold dolls for charity which has promised to give Emily for what she had done as an employer in Margret’s business shop in vision city.


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