Business Of Buying Your Own Property In China

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China has developed rapidly during the past decade; it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. More and more foreigners think about buying their own property as they have lived in China for a long time. Considering what property in China that you would like to buy is very important, is like making an investment in China, buying your own property and reasonable arranged to achieve the purpose of maintaining and increasing value and accelerating the growth of assets. What kinds of property you buy that can increase your assets.

Financial products

Financial products is designed by banking house in China and divided into guaranteed and non-guaranteed. Its earnings are more flexible compared with the earning of saving money, even higher. The banking house issue some pint- sized financial products to benefit more people, the earning period of the product is relatively long, such as CMBC.

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Because of designed by the banking house, most people choose this investment management mode.

Gold and silver

Gold and silver also a good property you can buy. They have been current money since ancient time and won’t be worthless at any time. Gold Network is one of the channels to buy gold in China; you can find the instant gold price on the website.

Yu’E Bao

Y’E Bao is an investment product of Alipay and launched in 2013. It is easy to operate so that whether the white-collar, students, or even the idle housewives, they are used to putting the idle money into Yu’E Bao. Besides, Yu’E Bao has surpassed JPMorgan Chase’s U.S. Government market fund to become the world’s largest money fund, now has more than 260 million users.

In addition to the function of financial management, Yu’E Bao can also be used for shopping, transfer, payment and repayment. It is a wealth management service in alipay, you should download alipay and login.

Real estate

Real estate is a high investment. In China, the house price in the first-tire city is 10 thousand per square meter, even up to more than 100 thousand in the center of the city. Although the price of the house goes very high, the enthusiastic is never interrupter. For example, in 2002, the housing price in Beijing is CNY 4,467 per square meter and it goes up to CNY 63,282 in 2017, the amount of the house selling is still increase.

The criterion of a man’s success is whether he owns his own house, said by the experts. Internet is a popular way to search the information. You can find the type of the house you want by multiple channels and resources, the property information, marketing information and contact way of the property agent list explicitly on the internet.

Attending property show is also a good way to get the information you want to know. Throughout the year, property shows are often holding by the real estate in China, such as the Beijing International Property Expo, Shanghai Green Roof and Wall & Building Greening Exhibition and China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Expo.

Real estate agents are which you can contact to buy your house in China. It is convenient that they will suggest a good idea about the relevant information of the area that you interested, besides, they can help you negotiate with the property owner.


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