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Business Practices in New Zealand

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Executive Summary

Kathmandu Holding Limited, New Zealand is working hard in implementing business practices particularly on meeting its sustainability target concerning production of travel and clothing apparel to increase customers’ loyalty towards the brand that can improve awareness and recognition. Our report will evaluate the relationship of marketing practices as perceived by customers and their attitudes towards the brand. (Kathmandu, 2018) Our report includes the following: we use both basic and applied research to increase our knowledge to the issue. For data collection, qualitative and quantitative method research were used. After data analysis, we came up to this conclusion, that brand perceived its marketing practices and customer’s loyalty as favorable. In addition, variety of software programs where used as a tools to protect Kathmandu information and database system.


Kathmandu being a retailer of outdoor and adventure gear is in existence of 30 years in NZ. Unique designs of their product are sold in different market segments with the company’s main goal of inspiring and enabling people to live their dream of travel and adventure. To increase publicity and build awareness and recognition of consumers about the brand, Kathmandu sponsored different sports championship games, get involved in humanitarian and charity events, set promotion and offer the discount to Summit Club members. Along with this line, Kathmandu was able to continuously sustain product production by using environmental-friendly materials. In its quest to preserve and conserve nature it was able to recycle plastic into gear, saved water usage and increased use of sustainable cotton. With the use of basic research and employing both qualitative and quantitative approach in data collection we hope to find out the relationship of identified practices as perceived by the customer’s attitudes towards the brand that may have contributed to the success of Kathmandu. We also seek to find which product and practices need improvement. We might as well find out which information technology and management database need to be developed. (Kathmandu, 2018)

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Business Research:

Examine the nature of business research The nature of business research is defined to gather information about maximizing the scale of the learning process by conducting a survey and collecting data for your findings. Basic research is a well-planned study with focus on gaining a wide knowledge about understanding certain aspects of phenomenon and observable facts without a particular application to plan the product. Applied research is an investigation process of the findings derived on basic research, to know if these findings could be used to develop new products or technologies. (Kowalczyk, 2003-2018) In our research we use basic research in gathering needed information of Kathmandu to improve our knowledge and understanding about the main objective of our study. We also used applied research for the purpose of applying all findings about customers’ attitudes and Kathmandu’s marketing practices derived from our basic research.

Examine the managerial value of your research evaluating each of the stages that assisted you. Base on our readings, we learned that there are lots of good things Kathmandu did to win people’s mind. In this context, we are opting to find out customer’s attitude and identify which practices of Kathmandu must have influenced those attitudes. In finding out customer’s attitude towards Kathmandu brand, enable them to see the importance of customer’s participation in improving their marketing strategies to enhance customer’s loyalty. We gathered relevant information from Kathmandu’s history and reports and insights mustered, guided us in finding the solution to our identified problem. It gives us the knowledge that Kathmandu focused redevelop selling the product of travel, adventure, and sports gears. (, 2018). Therefore, Kathmandu decision making broaden with regards of marketing strategies, customer’s service and overall sustainability of their performance that rely on what their customer’s needs or wants.

Categories the business research used in your project Exploratory research means its conducted to study a problem and focus on exploring new knowledge to get more information through individual interview, group discussions and other factors of gaining information. Descriptive research is a collective information about existing conditions and restructure for the solution and conclusion about specific problem through survey and observation. (S, 2018) We are using the exploratory research on Kathmandu by getting information about their products through website, surveys and social sites.

We focus on exploring new knowledge such as:

  • How Kathmandu selling the products?
  • How they provide the high-quality service to the customers?
  • How they gain more sales and profits? Therefore, this section will help us identify Kathmandu’s practices in achieving their goal for business sustainability in year 2020. (, 2018)

Summarise the six major stages of research

  1. Defining the research objective This research objective is to identify how Kathmandu build brand equity based on what their customers think, feel, hear or experience. Analysing the customers’ attitude and perception would define the successful operation of Kathmandu.
  2. Planning a research design We designed research plan that conducts primary and secondary research. The primary research includes interview via internet live chat, survey and observation by visiting physical Kathmandu stores. The secondary research conducted mainly by internet such as Kathmandu website, annual report and other articles.
  3. Planning a sample We prepared questionnaires for survey and interview to see where is appropriate or not with team members before we conducted the research. Also, we decided to spilt two part of questions and gather at least 20 number of respondents for defining the proper answer.
  4. Collecting the data This stage of research advice us to collect data from secondary sources like books, internet, newspapers and through primary sources like conducting surveys via questionnaires. Thus we have done some secondary research on already published articles related to sending links of question via website.
  5. Analysing the data Based on the data gathered, we analyzed each to find relevant information that lead to defining the research objective. Not all the collected information is a clue to the answer that we need. Selecting information whether it is necessary or not is an important task at this stage.
  6. Formulating the conclusions and preparing the report Through previous steps, we obtained our research conclusion. Kathmandu has used their logo and activities on trend social media to improve recognition for the brand. Also, their quality performance, summit club membership programme, and other social charities such as sustainability for green and labour rights are part of their building brand equity. Method of conducting research

Examine uses of qualitative and quantitative research techniques The qualitative research method means to gather non-numerical data to understand the particular attitudes that manifested in any situation. While quantitative research deal with gathering information through numbers using numerical and statistical analysis related to business market. (Snap Surveys Blog, 2018) Below are uses and benefits experienced while using qualitative and quantitative techniques in conducting our research.

Examine qualitative vs quantitative differences in business research To increase awareness of Kathmandu’s potential and loyal customers, we constructed eighteen questions to find out the statistical data from customer’s behavior towards the brand. The differences response below was done from our survey to 24 respondents online.

Qualitative research:

  1. Relies on words which we could use in quantifying data for analysis. In our survey questionnaires we provided questions with choices which are convertible to statistics for use on quantitative data analysis.
  2. Uses subjective approach. The answer to questions are based on ones feeling and opinion of Kathmandu customers.
  3. Questionnaires applied to small group We made on the spot observation to one of Kathmandu stores observing at least ten customers and staff members to gather insight about our problem.

Quantitative research:

  1. Questionnaires are applied in a large group. While base on the survey to 24 respondents their opinion about Kathmandu needs to improve are their Jacket’s, quality and style and we gathered data of 33.33% answers.
  2. Uses of objective approach, finding based on truth To find out how contented and happy customers are on Kathmandu’s promotion sales online and offline (fair enough) got the highest percentage of 57.89%.
  3. Questionnaires applied to bigger group We conducted our survey to twenty respondents composed of different nationalities with Filipino’s dominating our respondents.

Illustrate the common techniques you found while conducting your quantitative and qualitative research. Data is described and analytical techniques are used to find meaning. Our research relies on use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods in evaluating our main objective. (atlas.ti, 2018) For this research we used the following techniques: Qualitative Techniques Developing survey questionnaire and study our objectives

  • Our objective is to find the relationship between Kathmandu’s marketing practices and customer’s attitudes towards the brand. Ten (10) questions were formulated, 1-5 pertains to customer’s attitudes while 6-10 refers to Kathmandu marketing practices.
  • To enhance our finding, we conducted observation to small group of customers and staff at Kathmandu store. Observation was on the basis of customers’ attitudes of how the staff are assisting them. Collecting and analyzing data
  • Twenty respondents where purposely selected because they have in depth knowledge about Kathmandu product.
  • Questionnaires were distributed and collected online, responses were tallied and analysed. Quantitative Technique Closed ended questions
  • Specified multiple choice questions where we choose the highest percentage that determines customer’s perception towards Kathmandu’s practices. Discussing results and drawing conclusion
  • Base on our summary of findings, customers’ like to buy of their clothing because of its quality and style. While, Kathmandu marketing practices finding shows customers perceive Kathmandu summit club membership is extremely useful and willing to become a member. They are quite contented and happy for Kathmandu’s promotions sales online and offline and sponsoring adventure events is important them sustaining customers’ loyalty. We conclude that there is a significant relationship between Kathmandu’s marketing practices and customer’s attitude towards the brands.

Evaluate how information systems has transformed your organisation’s business in today’s digital age. Information system enables Kathmandu to process fast transactions where people see the order their products through online website and quickly input customer’s information. Based on the record of customer’s information, email about sales information will be randomly received. The digital brochure and company annual report is seen as convenient for audiences when they download the file to see it. Through information system, Kathmandu uses less paper and time consumption for providing information. [Kathmandu, 2017] Information system improves customer’s satisfaction through “live chat” which replies immediately to any queries. Adapting to information system makes Kathmandu customer services distinct among competitors such as Macpac and Icebreaker and it provides quick information whenever people need it. [Kathmandu, 2018]

Evaluate the types of information systems used by your organisation. Kathmandu has adopted Dimension Data to improve their Cloud platform and up-to-date business information. Also, they managed their information system with Cloud. [Coulson, 2015] The types of information systems which Kathmandu has used include such as; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Collecting customer’s Detail to provide services and products, to maintain and improve customer services, to conduct marketing research and analysis. [Kathmandu , 2018] Website Showing stock level in real time for the online customers who want to know. [Coulson, 2015] Accounting Recording and analysing financial statements to improve decision-making. [iStart, 2013] Releasing financial information through its website, ASX and NZX to communicate with their shareholders. [Kathmandu , 2018]


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