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  • Internship experience
  • Project undertaken
  • Recommendations

This report gives an examination and assessment of the present and imminent benefit and liquidity of Colliers International. Strategies for examination incorporate affectability, and Monte Carlo reenactment and proportions, for example, Debt, Current and Quick proportions, outlines are incorporated also. All estimations can be found in the tables, and budgetary articulations are in Appendices. The consequences of the investigated information demonstrate that all coefficients for this industry are ordinary. Dissected sharp increments in the organization's commitments in a quarterly way, which diminished the level of the present proportion, however before long paid. The report investigates the organization's undertaking in the city of Tashkent, its productivity and capacity to satisfy in the coming years, and in addition the reliance of the segments on one another, to be specific the capitalization rate and networking salaryю The report additionally explores the way that the investigation directed has restrictions. A portion of the constraints include:

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  • determining figures are not given nature the current monetary conditions information restrictions as insufficient data is given or enough detail i.e. month to month subtle elements not known outcomes depend on past exhibitions not present
  • description and basic analysis of the company «Colliers International».

Colliers International Group Inc. is an industry leading global real estate services company with more than 16,000 skilled professionals operating in 66 countries. With an enterprising culture and significant employee ownership, Colliers professionals provide a full range of services to real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide. Services include strategic advice and execution for property sales, leasing and finance; global corporate solutions; property, facility and project management; workplace solutions; appraisal, valuation and tax consulting; customized research; and thought leadership consulting.

Colliers International Kazakhstan provides a full range of services to real estate users, owners, and investors locally, nationally and internationally. Colliers customer connections are based on understanding, speed-to-showcase and persevering trust. They are just succeed if their customers succeed. As one of just a couple of organizations with a genuinely worldwide stage, in excess of 16,000 Colliers individuals worldwide are bound together by the intensity of conveying administrations flawlessly, wherever their customers work together. Colliers individuals search for undiscovered potential, testing themselves to see things in an unexpected way, and accomplishing results that surpass our customers' desires. Colliers is where innovative and entrepreneurial individuals with high respectability have any kind of effect. Colliers individuals are enthusiastic about what they do, assume individual liability for progress and don't care for pointless formality — every normal augmentation of our venturesome culture. Colliers draws in, creates and holds individuals who put customers first and test themselves to give counsel that help the best business choices. Colliers individuals are effective in light of the fact that they appreciate what they do. They are not kidding about their work yet don't consider themselves excessively important.

At Colliers, their development system enables them to stay concentrated on doing the correct things for their customers, their kin, network and investors consistently. They endeavor to develop business speedier than industry development rates and they enlarge their inward development with reasonable and key acquisitions intended to build piece of the pie, grow benefit contributions and broaden their geographic reach for the advantage of our customers and investors.

For over 20 years, Colliers demonstrated reputation of making an incentive for investors has brought about prevalent returns and industry development. Colliers individuals additionally possess huge value in our business, conveying pride of proprietorship to all that we do. No other worldwide land benefit firm has made more an incentive for investors than the general population of Colliers International.

The functioning of the Company's activities of the Colliers International, the increase in sales, affects the financial condition. We will analyze the income and expenses of the Company Colliers International on the basis of the cash flow statement for the year 2015.

Internship experience

My task during the passage of practice in an international consulting company Colliers International Kazakhstan was initially acquire professional skills in my broad specialty. However, I got a lot more, having worked in different departments of the company, such as consulting, brokerage, sales, and management of real estate. Immediately after my acquaintance with the regulations and all the documentation of the company, my first experience was the place to be in the consulting department, where I was asked to explore the market of large hotels, to liaise on the subject of the contract with a representative of our company to study the real estate market in the city of Tashkent. And the first personal obstacle was Psychological contact - the ability to establish a measure of influence, influence on other people, to which I was not accustomed, but the problem was solved after 2-3 conversations with the clients. It was also necessary to show such qualities as flexibility, efficiency, discipline, as well as social competence. There was also a mistake on my part in the form of relations with the leader, who demanded from me a personal organization, which we so often, being students neglected at the university, practice showed that there are other ethical norms at work. After the first remarks, the problem was eliminated, and for effective work I received praise from the head.

The next task was to collect data and statistics on tourism in the city of Tashkent, in the form of requests for information in the official database for the same project as above. There were no problems here, since working with statistics after 3 years of study at our faculty is not a difficult task. And if you have any questions, you could contact the staff, who gladly helped. Another important point, the team in the company is young, which is very much reflected in the work of the team, it is more united, due to constant team buildings, training, and informal meetings.

The work in the brokerage department was the longest and most interesting for me. I was introduced to the Zoho CRM system, which is an award-winning web-based CRM designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business. The core of Zoho CRM's functionality is lead and contact management. I also carry out the collection of up-to-date data on the Business Centers of Almaty and analyze rental rates for the LG project. The work is mostly mechanical and analytical, but there were no problems. The next assignment was a private order, it was necessary to prepare presentations, and the collection of data on the profitability of the building for the hostel, thanks to a good knowledge of the city and educational institutions, it was chosen the best location, near most universities, for maximum efficiency in the use of an unused building. Also, during the last assignment, the knowledge gained on the main subject "Finance" was very useful to me, since I made the calculation tables at the capitalization rate for the objects of the city of Almaty, which was very informative for me, and my financial knowledge was useful in practice, such So I saved myself and the team from the brokerage department from spending too much time. In the process of passing the production practice, it was clearly demonstrated how important in this industry is maintaining good relations and regular contacts between managers and tenants, search for new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation with tenants. It has been proven that these factors contribute to an increase in the value of the asset over time due to lower operating costs and improve the reputation of the object on the market.

Project undertaken

Major market trends and future market outlook

Republic of Uzbekistan is underway on making consistent reforms to develop the tourism sector as one of the most important strategic sectors of the national economy. Development of tourism in the long term is expected to have a positive impact on such important social and economic issues as job creation, diversification of the economy and accelerated development of regions, increasing incomes and quality of life of the country’s population. The common trend in recent years in hotel accommodation in Uzbekistan was the growth in the number of small, privately-owned hotels. Today, the majority of such hotels have on average 50 or more rooms. The attractiveness of building small-sized hotels for the private sector is the amount of investment required to build, the high occupancy rate and relatively low cost of operation. Despite the existence of affordable private hotels, luxury hotels are also gaining popularity amongst business travellers. After recent political changes, Uzbekistan is becoming more open to international trade and investment, runs quite a large number of international events, the majority of which take place in Tashkent. During the tough times and high competition, such hotels learned to provide additional services such as spa and fitness, transportation services, travelling tours and many other services.

After have been establishing and implying global experience, the attractiveness of tourism estimated to become as one of the crucial one in the Central Asian destination. Furthermore, the optimization of visa facilities has listed as one of the main advancement of tourism policy. As one of the main Silk Road tourism destination, Central Asian states have great potential to advance sector of hospitality and tourism that create a lot of promotions for different spheres.

The project on which the company worked was called "Tashkent City", a mini-business town in the city of Tashkent, as Colliers Kazakhstan advised investors and designers on how and where and what location will bring the company more profit, I also managed to participate in the project, and to make my own contribution.

I calculated the sensitivity analysis for the project as a leasable object.

I calculated how much the output of the project varies, depending on changing parameters such as the rent price per square meter, and capitalization I later did a Monte Carlo simulation.

When faced with significant uncertainty in the forecasting or evaluation process, rather than simply replacing an undefined variable by a single average, a Monte Carlo simulation might be the best solution.

Since business and finance suffer from random values, Monte Carlo simulation has a huge number of potential applications in these areas.

They are used to estimate the likelihood of cost overruns in large projects and the likelihood of a tog o that the price of the asset will move in a certain way. Telecommunications use them to assess network performance in different scenarios, helping them to optimize the network. Analysts use them to assess the risk that the enterprise defaults and analyze derivative instruments, such as options. Insurers and drilling rigs for an oil well also use them. So my simulation can be used in the project and be useful.

Data tables shown in Table 1 is a way to illustrate range of outputs of key performance indicator based on changes in certain inputs. In this case I’m demonstrating 2 way data tables which vary 2 inputs simultaneously against one another. Firstly we are going to capitalize the Total Net Operating Income by 7%, so the capitalized value of the building assuming inputs above is $ 5,142,857. Now the question that appears is, what if rents are slightly different? What if expenses are slightly different? And what if Cap Rate is slightly different?

So if we take a look at the Table 1, the top row is filled with varies input values for Rent PSF, which sits in our model above. Along the left column there are different inputs for the sale cap rate. The model is currently set by the intersection of two variables that shows us the capitalized value in various circumstances.

What was done in the Alternative Table is, by adding the Increment inputs in the right side of the table, calculations were made based on those amounts. For example (E22=D22+H21). So we can chance the increments, and everything in the table will react dynamically. Implementing this model on our project of Tashkent City, we can easily see how changes in one variable affect the outcome of the project, and therefore predict risks that may arise. The motivation behind this examination is to comprehend the response of land costs to changes in various elements. Nonetheless, an organized test examination of the model under various conditions and the reaction of cost to these progressions are not explored profoundly. As a standout amongst the most imperative strides in framework elements procedure is the yield examination that makes a reason for enhancing the structure, it is basic to decide the factors to which the model is delicate, by utilizing a more formal exploratory outline investigation. An entire affectability investigation can reveal the elements that ought to be controlled or observed all the more precisely to get wanted conduct as far as cost.


In this examination a current framework elements model of land costs is utilized as a stage to comprehend the react of land value motions to changes in various elements. As a standout amongst the most critical strides in framework elements philosophy is the yield investigation that makes a reason for enhancing the structure, it is fundamental to decide the factors to which the model is delicate, by utilizing a more formal test outline examination. An entire affectability examination can reveal the components that ought to be controlled or checked all the more painstakingly to acquire wanted conduct as far as cost. One of the fundamental finishes of this examination is that the huge components influencing the selected reactions can end up being distinctive for two diverse test outlines. It is protected to pick the factors that are huge in the two outlines as the factors to which the model is touchy. At the land cost display considered in this investigation, the important factors influencing time of value motions are development time of the organization and division; the variable influencing the plentifulness is deals time and factors influencing the level of cost are overall revenues.

During the implementation of the Colliers Kazakhstan’s project, a number of negative aspects were identified, which must be taken into account in the implementation of subsequent projects. Here, we highlight the main project management shortcomings of Colliers Kazakhstan, as well as outline the main directions for improving project management in this organization. The first problem I faced was 80-90% ignoring private customers, small objects, incompetent, unethical behavior towards those who would not bring in a big income.

My recommendation will be to add to the headquarters one more employee who would handle small business cases, private clients, thus the salary over the employee will easily pay off at the expense of clients who have been ignored, and relations with clients will be established, and this will lead to further cooperation, which will bring a profit to the company- The second thing that I personally encountered was the intrusion of personal dislike into business relations, which spoiled all the relationships, mood, and outcome of the work. Huge unprofessionalism on the part of management.

At the moment, I believe that all corporate employees must pass training and without fail to increase the efficiency, personal growth, development and definition of emotional intelligence, since nowadays it is even more important than IQ, especially in the real estate and human communications.

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