Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda - I Will Always Write Back

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Caitlin Alifirenka And Martin Ganda – I Will Always Write Back

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This moving true story of two friends from across the globe explores the power of loyalty, generosity, and true kindness, as Caitlin and Martin grow up together on opposite sides of the planet. Although they have near nothing in common - Caitlin is a rather ordinary American teenager from Pennsylvania, while Martin is a dedicated student and hard worker from Mutare, Zimbabwe - the two kids rely on the power of the written word and their own promises to each other to discover truths about each other, themselves, and the great diversity and enormity of the world that prove crucial to redefining their worldview and bringing two very different cultures together in an unprecedented way.

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Martin lives a life of poverty and hardship in Zimbabwe, where the country’s financial situation is progressively worsening day by day. However, he determined to create a better, more productive future for himself and his family by studying and doing well in school. Although Caitlin is, at first, oblivious to Martin’s plight, she soon learns of the obstacles he must face simply to write her letters, and enlists her family in financially supporting Martin’s family and making his dream of going to college in the United States a reality. The unlikely friends work together to inspire each other and stay loyal, even in the hardest of times.

This beautiful and poignant novel utilizes a realistic character voice to show the individuals’ growth over the course of Caitlin and Martin’s correspondence. In this way, the author charts Caitlin’s transition from a spoiled and entitled middle schooler to a caring and generous young adult, well-aware of the world around her. Martin’s narrative captures the difficulty of his impoverished life while remaining both humble and hopeful, reflecting the character’s resilience and determination. The shifts in narrator tone and style complement the ever-changing journey that Caitlin and Martin go through, making this an effective style choice throughout the book.

Caitlin’s continuous and ever-expanding realizations about Martin’s life reality make the plot line intriguing and absorbing, leaving the reader anxious and excited to find out when she will learn the whole truth. Martin’s descriptions of his life and the adversity he encounters on his way to success are compelling and eye-opening, providing a fresh perspective for many American readers, as well as a storyline that continually engages the reader into cheering for Martin’s victory in the long run.

Both Martin and Caitlin display open, kind, and real personalities, and their friendship is able to continue through the small gestures that keep their mutual compassion alive. At the core of the novel’s significance is the importance and power that kindness and love for others can have. The essence of the characters’ growth is simply, but touchingly, summed up when Caitlin declares, “One small act of kindness… You have no idea how powerful that can be, whose lives it can change, including your own”.

Throughout the novel, it is made clear that interacting with others in a positive and productive way, as well as being open to new experiences, is important catalysts for personal growth and improvement. Just as Caitlin and Martin were able to gain different benefits and new values from their positive interactions, everyone can learn more about the world around them, and become more tolerant and kind, when open to meeting new people and sharing the kindness within their hearts. Although anyone can benefit from this kind of reminder about the importance of love and diversity, this novel is an ideal read for young people and teens to discover the great power of doing something small, easy, and positive for someone else. The novel is a true and powerful example of the effects our words and actions can have in shaping others’ lives.

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