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California, West Hollywood Attractions

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USA, California, West Hollywood

Locally known as WeHo a trip to the heart of Los Angeles is a must while in California. West Hollywood might be small but thrives on a great, welcoming population and historic memorabilia of many famous artists, bands, and actors. Experience Southern California through this gem of a town which is easily accessible, a 24/7 entertainment and a warm and welcoming vibe.

California, West Hollywood Attractions

Sunset Strip and Melrose Avenue

Sunset strip is a mile long road that passes through West Hollywood. It may look like any other road during daytime but at night this place changes colors. From clubs, pubs and restaurants sunset strip lights up after sunset. It’s a popular destination for people looking to have fun, possibly get drunk but have a great time. Melrose Avenue, on the other hand, is a trend street filled with charming stores, cafés, and restaurants. You’ll find many tattoo parlors, retail stores, smoke shops and thrift stores. It’s the coolest place to check out in West Hollywood.

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Sunset Plaza and Robertson Boulevard

For a fun afternoon out shopping, window shopping, eating and relaxing head to either of these places. If you’re into serious shopping go straight to sunset plaza. A haven for people wanting to pamper themselves with spas, designer shops and dining definitely add Sunset Plaza on a list of things to see.

Explore Los Angeles

Los Angeles is very close to West Hollywood and if you’re ever done with the laid back and chilled atmosphere head a few miles into LA for a pick me up. From hiking to the Hollywood sign, celebrity spotting, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Urban lights at the LACMA to countless other activities will you keep you overwhelmed but happy.

What and Where to Eat

Try The Griddle Café for a classic spot for breakfast. They have some of the best and gigantic breakfast pancakes that are to die for. For lunch, we would recommend Gracias Madre for amazing Mexican and Latin American food. They have great gluten-free and vegan options too. Another one of the locals’ favorites would be Saddle Ranch Chop House if you’re looking for big southwestern steaks, burgers and fried chicken.

West Hollywood Vacation Rentals

Find exclusive hotels, motels lodges, and inns at any price range. All of this with guaranteed luxury and great facilities. Make bookings with West Hollywood Vacation Rentals so that your stay here is smooth and the vacation even better.


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