Camelot Boutique: Competitive Strategy and Forces, Information Systems Usage


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Analyze the five competitive forces for Camelot boutique market

The five focused powers that Camelot design boutique needs to manage as per Porter’s hypothesis are Rivalry, bargaining intensity of providers, dealing intensity of clients, danger of new participants and the risk from substitutes and the impact from every one of these powers are portrayed in detail underneath.


Since Jenny’s business is based on the form business, it is met with a huge number of different contenders yet Jenny’s Boutique likewise obliges the specialty showcasing section of the populace, where there is no immediate competition to her items/Business in light of the fact that the specialty promoting portion is little and does not utilize extensive scaled publicizing or advertising strategies, for example, the mass promoting fragment. However, it is looked with aberrant contention since the mass market has the capacity to totally misuse the specialty market and offer comparative items at a lower value influencing the business to come up short on deals.

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Bargaining power of suppliers

The bargaining intensity of providers essentially indicates the amount of a requesting position the providers hold in the business activities. Since Jenny’s principle center is around plans from the medieval time, it works in the specialty showcase and accordingly there isn’t much rivalry in that portion which in this way gives the provider the high ground since he is then ready to build the costs of his provisions freely. So also, Jenny additionally offers wedding outfits and other ordinary utilize garments and through this she contends with an immense number of different merchants and in this division the provider doesn’t have a high ground in light of the fact that there are different providers to do a similar activity at less expensive costs.

Bargaining power of clients

The bargaining intensity of clients in Jenny’s setting is restricted since Jenny, as said previously, does her offering exercises in a specialty showcase fragment hence the absence of different substitutes in the market enables Jenny to expand her costs yet the same is impossible for her other non-medieval period dresses since her other day by day wear lines have comparative adversaries which enables the client to can hope for less expensive costs

Threat of new entrants

This power could influence Jenny’s business to an enormous degree since other opponent organizations could have the capacity to create and acquaint new items with the market at an aggressive cost to contend with Jenny’s as of now existing items and along these lines potential clients would be in two perspectives on whether to purchase items from Jenny or settle on the new and created items so in this way this new participant constrain can break the offers of Camelot mold

Threat of Substitutes

This power is another hurtful angle to Camelot form since the risk of substitutes is another wild factor where other opponent organizations, exceptionally organizations working the mass market could see the chance to underwrite in the market that Camelot mold is working and totally overwhelm Camelot design’s piece of the pie by presenting substitutes at less expensive rates and furthermore picking up the consideration of the populace through substantial publicizing. Since Camelot form keeps running on negligible publicizing, if real organizations begin creating things from the medieval time and enables the populace to think about the items that they are presenting recently, Camelot mold’s upper hand would be totally stolen leaving Jenny’s business at a misfortune.(Thakur, D 2018)

What appears to be camelot boutiques competitive strategy? Explain your answer

A competitive strategy is a long haul activity arrange for that is contrived to enable an organization to pick up an upper hand over its opponents (focused system ). When talking about Camelot form, their aggressive technique/advantage is the medieval dresses and frill that are being sold at the store. Since an upper hand is having an item or a component that encourages one item to emerge from whatever is left of its rivals, Jenny’s store offers medieval ensembles which enables them to be one of the best in that industry portion and accordingly Jenny’s clients wouldn’t fret paying a higher sum for their items as expressed for the situation ponder. According to Jenny’s competitive strategy, It ought to be to center fundamentally around what the organization has picked up a name for, their medieval clothing types and adornments and endeavor to put resources into promoting more than before to ensure that their Potential clients realize that a shop that offers medieval period motivated outfits exists and in this way it’ll enable Camelot to form to truly abuse their upper hand and make their name celebrated among its clients.(Porter, Michael 2014)

Explain the nature of the five primary value chain activities for the boutique (i.e. Inbound logistics, Operations, Outbound logistics, Service & Support, Sales & Marketing).

Sales and Marketing – When it goes to the deals and advertising of the boutique, new items and things ought to be acquainted with the clients and furthermore the clients ought to be given the vital data ought to be given to the clients. the boutique is an exceptionally well known store for one of a kind items and the general population will pay the high cost to purchase the interesting item.

Inbound Logistics – Inbound coordinations of the boutique is that they get their crude materials from medieval period and store them in the shops stockpiling compartment. at the point when a request is set by a client the crude materials are being exchanged to the task area for definite gathering of the arranged item as indicated by the clients assessment.

Tasks – The activity segment is where the amassing of the item is finished. the client’s request and the directions as indicated by how the client wants to have it is altogether taught in the activity part. The crude materials are sent and put to assemble and later sent back to the boutique with a specific end goal to issue/convey it to the client.

Outbound Logistics – Outbound coordinations is the place the last item is given to the clients. the last item is acquired and conveyed to the client. the client can take the last item by going to the shop and paying everything or else get it conveyed to the entryway venture with an extra conveyance cost.

Administration and Support – When the client buys the item from the boutique the clients can give the input on the item and furthermore on the administration of the boutique. this is useful for the shop to enhance their administration and furthermore help the discover answers for their missteps(.Xu, J., & Quaddus, M) (2015)

Review the principles of competitive advantage (in your textbook) and answer the following questions (you can get some ideas from the unit readings and the web; you can quote your research in your answers).

How can Camelot Boutique use information systems to enhance its products/services or differentiate it from existing and emerging competition?

Jenny can implement a new stock control system in their boutique. Where there can be electronic displays and scanners which is synced to their central computers. This will help them a lot to save their time because it could be helped to be used to update and change the prices of the products instead of pasting sticker or manually writing down the prices. This will help Jenny and her employees to go on with their daytoday tasks with a ease of mind. Not only that it will help the employees to check the existing stock levels and missing or stolen items in the boutique. (Kokemuller, 2007)

How can Camelot Boutique use information systems to create barriers to entry to the competition?

Information systems are used to achieve business objectives and goals not only that if the user use these systems correctly they can use this to gain a competitive advantage. This will help them to stand out in the market and make their customers realize their products are unique and different.

With the help of the information systems Jenny can create new products by identifying and processing new trends in the market.(Aaker, 2011)

New technologies such as 3D modeling can to used to aid Jenny in this task ex: CAD. Softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and ZBrush can be used to design new products and specially made custom products which are specifically requested by the customers, and by using 3D printers she will be able to make a 360 degree 3D model of that product. This will help the boutique to come up with unique products different from their competitors. (Kroenke & Boyle, 2016). If this process start getting positive reviews Jenny can make arrangements so her customers can submit their own custom designs that they liked to be made through online so she could 3D print it. This will save her time and the customers time which in turn will increase the efficiency of the organization.

How can Camelot Boutique use information systems to lock in customers?

They could implement a customer relationship management(CRM) system which is used by many organizations these days. What they can do is they can design one for their own organization which is going to reflect on their image of their organization, this will help the customer to differentiate your system from other competitors.

When the customers enter your system it creates unique user accounts to each customer, this account will store all the transaction details and all other useful data and information which is vital for the boutique. This data could help to create graphs,tables,charts and other visual tabulations (Kokemuller, 2007). This will help them realize what are fast moving with high demand and slow moving products with low demand. With the help of the system it will help the employees to create discounts and special offers to the loyal customers and give incentives to the customers who haven’t purchased that often in turn getting their feedback.

How can Camelot Boutique use information systems to establish alliances?

They can promote their product in a global using social media or any other method which will help them to expand their customer base and not only that with a good exposure Jenny will be able to find good experienced investors who would like to invest in the business and help them expand with their knowledge and wisdom.

Boutique can get online counselling services and get to know about the new technologies and strategies that other successful businesses are using then implement them. This will help the boutique to stay updated with the external environment. This will come in to use when big companies tries to get your products. Having a up to date systems and technologies will make a positive image about the boutique in their mind.

Boutique can also collaborate will E-Commerce giants such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba to sell their products across the globe (Aaker, 2011).

Boutique can also join hands with charitable organization by giving some percentage of the sales to a charity which represent a good course such as protecting environment and ect. This will create a positive image on the public about the boutique and the charities will give free promotions and through these event it will help the boutique to make new alliances as well.

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