Campus Controversy: the Importance of Memorials in Universities

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Controversy is an argument coming from conflicting side, which leads to heated discussion. Controversy in universities always leads to protests depending on how serious it may be. Students across the area from all ages have gathered in protest to address to question why or not the monuments on the academic premises should be removed from the University of Virginia. Monuments are 3D structures of people or event meant to commemorate the past. This research paper will discuss and examine the importance of having memorials in universities, history and the meaning they have to the nation as well.

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According to survey, students gathered at the scene and saw workers from the campus pulling down the statues on broad day light while the policemen were watching. In recent past, students came across terrifying displays of hatred in the University of Virginia, which is a saddening story that shows monuments are used to symbolize modern supremacy. Pulling down of these monuments led to a lot of debate among students and they could be seen doing protest all over the surrounding. This shows that they know what monuments mean to them and how much they honor history of their country.

The memorials are historical, cultural and significant to the campus and therefore should not be removed from their position. It is the duty of universities to preserve and honor history of the past; it should also be celebrated since it has a lot of meaning and sense of belonging to everyone. For most people know that University is the face of campus. As the face they ought to do something about this. From student leaders, students, workers and alumni according to them the statue of James Hogg, who was the governor of Texas (1891-1895), it should be considered that he should be moved to another college. According to the spokesman on the issue John C. Calhoun who was vice president gained a great controversy on his hobby for slavery that Yale University renamed the college after him.

Secondly the monuments are educational to the students. Monuments offer a great education to these universities, as students get knowledge of how it used to be before they were born. Monuments are greatly of importance especially to the university that lack records as they are light to the forgotten history. Having the monuments in the institution helps the students to get interested in their country’s history. The monuments also help students to know the events that happened during civil war and the individuals who took part in representing.

Thirdly monuments offer economic value to the society. Students of history acknowledge the importance of old events, people and building as they also influence attraction of tourists to the place which helps to generate jobs to the locals where the monuments are located. This includes tours, housing, photography hotel and restaurants among others. Tourism to this sites helps to improve the economy of the country because tourist love learning history of people and events like the civil war, the kind of weapons they used, houses they lived and lifestyle they lived.

In conclusion based on the survey, theories, experts, students, workers and alumni, monuments are very important to the Universities especially when they lack records of the past. The monuments help the students to understand why the universities were named after certain people. The universities should know that destroying these monuments will only lead to more protest and even chaos if they don’t watch out; therefore they should help build me monuments to help the students learn more and have knowledge of the advantage this people or events brought or the negative impact that followed them.

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