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My family background is unusual. No one knows the history of my Mom’s side. The only thing that I have ever heard is that we are “Supposedly” related to John Adams. On my dad’s side, my grandma told me that the Fuller family originated from England. I personally don’t care where my family is from because no one talks about it. No one knows anything on where my heritage is from. Maybe if I knew more, my heritage would influence me. Illegal Immigrants is a topic that I ignore just because it is on the news everyday I used to try to keep track of it, but overtime it felt like a chore. Everytime it comes up on the news I always think to myself, “will illegal immigration ever be solved?” I know this is a broad and an unrealistic question, but it just bugs me how there is not a way to solve this problem that everyone agrees on. I have heard some cases on Illegal immigrants issues. How people hate them for “taking” the jobs of the poor. Other than that, I don’t know what to say on how it affects the working class other than what I hear on the news. I am starting to do some research on this issue and this is what I got.

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I began my exploration prompted by my professor, Mrs. Trela, about a week ago in class. The source was part of an article called “Amnesty? ‘Let us be Vigilant and Charitable’” published by American Magazine on 10 March 2008 by John F. Kavanaugh. The article was given for homework and we were going to explain it in class the next day. Kavanaugh asserts the opinion on Christianity and the migration of illegal immigrants. Kavanaugh and multiple Jesuits describe how the United States deals with immigration and doesn’t follow the beliefs of Christianity. Kavanaugh is a reliable source to explain this new idea, because he is a professor of philosophy at Saint Louis University.

When reading this article multiple times, I am in middle on Kavanaugh’s beliefs. The journalistic piece shows a new way to think about how the United States deals with immigration in a Christian manner, but really doesn’t have factual evidence towards the subject of immigration. Instead of informing people on the topic of immigration, the article is here to make them feel sympathetic. I enjoyed the way this article makes you think though. I never thought on how Christians should have open arms when letting illegal immigrants in. It is a clever tactic on making the person reading this feel bad on how America treats this issue. I also agree that not all immigrants are villainous like the media portrays illegal immigrants. Most of them come here for the new lifestyle because of how the way the economy is in their country. I would do the same thing if I were in that situation. It would make sense leaving their country and trying to make a new living. I do not agree that the United States should accept illegal immigrants though. The United States handles this issue for the safety of everyone in America. If we let everyone in, the United States would not be safe from terroristic threats.What bugs me more the most on Kavanaugh’s paper is how unrealistic this article is. Emotion does not help out world problems. There needs to be facts proving his statement and not just bringing out this brod answer or prove anything with it. There is no simple way to fix this topic. That is why I am in the middle, I have no idea how to fix this issue.

The only thing that seems to be missing from Kavanaugh’s paper is the synopsis on the issue of the situation. I wanted to know more about the law at this time and what the government is trying to do. I did some research on what the big kairos was. What I found was that there has been a all time low of illegal immigrants coming into the states at that time written from the Center of Immigration Studies. After some research, I was given another article with different beliefs.

The article was called, “Why Blame Mexico?” published by The American Conservative on 10 March 2008 written by Fred Reed. When discussing the problem of illegal immigration, Reed explains that the United States people should not blame the movement of immigrants on Mexico. He believes the blame to the softness of liberals letting them in just to feel better about themselves. When reading this article it reminded me when about being at home. My dad is a pretty conservative man and always embedded information in my mind on why this is happening in the country. One day my dad and I were talking about this important issue on the news. This was the only time we sat down and actually talked to each other. He was telling me today about illegal immigration coming in.

My dad has the exact same stand that Reed talks about, blame us not the illegal immigrants. I agree with that, people need to stop trying to solve and help everybody out. Although it is not a bad thing trying to help people, America has gotten pathetic and childlike when going over issues. We need to focus more on the laws then emotion. Emotion does not help out when going over issues like this one. Reed also has great points, but the slang terms and derogatory words makes the article not professional. I felt like I was starting to learn something, but the slang terms make everything that you read so far seem unimportant.

When reading the first article in comparison to the second article, my beliefs have not changed. I still believe that laws are still laws and they don’t need to be broken. They are here to protect the United States. Reading different beliefs just make me think about it in another way, but does not change out what I think already. The first article had to much ethos, I am more about statistics because it is actually facts and proof of what is working or not working. The second article was interesting and some good topics, but the slang terms made it unprofessional. My question throughout this topic still remains unanswered. I do not know if this issue will ever be solved. The country is divided on this subject through emotion and empathy. No one want to be wrong.

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