Can Musical Training Develop One’s Mind?

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Listening to music training is one of the most common things you will find a student always do. When you ask them why they say that it helps them focus or it gives them silence in their own way. But some people think otherwise, they think that music training helps develop your mind. I was able to read three academic texts regarding this. These texts focused on how music develops the brain, its benefits and its impact to us people. The first text is entitled “Can music improve the mind”. It focuses on how music helps the brain develops. It is indicated in the text that those people who had musical training before seven years old, tend to have their brain physically shaped. Musical activities also helps in improving reading and literary skills. The brain can be developed through musical representations, which is why it is often taught in this form.

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For cognitive development, it can be developed by learning an instrument or developing your self-esteem through participating in music programs. It is said that if you are a musician you have to be using more of your brain, which in return develops your brain drastically. The next text is entitled “Benefits of music education”. It talks about the incentives you can get when you undergo music education. When we were young our parents lets us listen to music. Simply because it enhances a child’s ability to interpret sounds and words. Through musical training the left side of the brain, which is in charge of processing language, is being physically developed. Listening to familiar songs and linking it to new information can help you remember it; also, listening to music can boost your mood which makes you focus and dedication to finish your task. Understanding music can help children visualize various elements that should go together. This skill is very applicable in everyday situations especially in mathematical problems.

The last text is entitled “The impact of music education on academic achievement”. It talks about the effects of musical education on students. It is indicated in the text students who take part in music education have higher scores than students who do not. The study of musical instruments is somehow related to math and science because of its complexity, giving them an advantage in understanding those subjects. Students have two choices of music on they want to listen to, those with vocals or just instrumentals. Based from the respondents in the text, listening to instrumentals is more efficient since it is more calming and less distracting. These new ideas presented in those texts share one main idea and that is music can be helpful in brain development. For me these texts can be helpful in one of my everyday life choices, which is whether to listen to music while studying or not. The ideas from the text made me realize that every people have different types of music that makes their brain develop. Through these ideas I am able to apply them to my everyday scenario of studying so that I can get better results than before.

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