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Can Tea Tree Oil Helps in Removing Acne?

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You always hear this saying every now and then because every people have flaws. You can’t expect a person to have everything with no negative side to see. But do you know what flaw most people have? It is acne. Many people are experiencing this common disorder because of different reasons. The good news is that there are also a lot of treatments that you can do to eliminate the unwanted spots in your body. Have you heard about tea tree oil? This substance is quite popular in the world of acne treatments. It is said to be the most effective product that you can use to cure acne. but before that, let us know first what acne is. Acne is a type of skin disorder where you will experience having different kinds of spots such as whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. It is the result of a pore that has been clogged by excessive oil in our skin together with dirt, bacteria and other debris that our skin can get in the surroundings. Sebum oil works as our shield to protect our body in harm. Our body is waterproof because of it. The oil acts as a shield to prevents too much water from invading our body and stops the important moisture from getting out. There are many reasons why we have excessive oil production in our body and how we get dirt and bacteria. Here is some of it that you have to be aware of.

Contributors of Acne

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Since we already know how acne appears, we must also know the things that triggers and contributes to this occurrence. Our body produces oil that our skin needed to keep it healthy. But too much oil is not good. There are many reasons why our body produces more than what our skin needs and here are they.

Stress- this factor usually wronged as a myth but truth be told, it is true that stress can trigger acne. How? When a person has so many problems in life, his stress hormone will increase and the effect of it is too much production of sebum (oil) in our body. You might notice that most people and even yourself gets acne breakout when stressed out.

Medications- many people are taking medications because of their existing problems in the body. Some medicines that contain corticosteroids and lithium have an effect of increasing the amount of hormones produced in our body. So the result is getting a high risk of pores clogging.

Diet- yes, what you eat can be a contributor in having acne. There are certain foods that contain something that affects a person’s hormones such as bread, chips, cheese, cow’s milk, chocolates and other processed foods. So you really need to be careful of what you eat if you don’t want to have these unwanted bumps in your face and your body.

Hormones- I know I already mentioned above that hormone are the most influential factor in increasing the oil production in our skin. But the thing is, there are stages in our life that hormone is inevitable to heighten. It is when both men and women reach the stage of puberty and when women get pregnant and menopause. Women are more prone to acne than men since they will go through a lot. Contraceptive also plays a big role in making acne worse. That is why acne is more likely inescapable for women.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea tree oil has been people’s hope in making their skin free from skin ailments for so many years. It has proven itself to be effective when it comes to clearing spots and other skin disorders. A few drops of this substance can work just the same as the most effective brand treatment in the store. Keep in mind that you only need a few drops of it. Too much use of this oil can make the acne worse and may also cause dryness in the skin. Also, stay away from the sun when you use this substance because your skin will be sensitive to UV rays. This substance fights against acne the same as how benzoyl peroxide works. It is a very good anti-inflammation product for the skin. Tea tree oil can be use for many ways aside from healing acne. It can be use as:

Insect repellent

Hand sanitizer

Treatment for wounds


Get rid of dandruff

Treating athlete’s foot

Easing psoriasis


Helps fungal infections

Tea tree oil is obviously best for killing bacteria and reduces inflammation, and irritation in the skin. But this substance can be harmful at times. Especially when over used. It can give more irritation, itchiness, stinging, dryness and redness when not use properly. So you still have to be careful in using it.

Final Though

tBefore using any kind of product treatment for acne, make sure that you have even the basic information about it. Be aware of how to use it and what does it really do. Using over-the-counter products are not advisable when you have an existing skin condition. Make sure to consult a doctor first for a more accurate and effective solution.


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