Canada: Environmental Challenges, Identity and Quebec’s Potential Separation

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What is the essence of the Canadian identity? Do Canadians have a stronger sense of identity/attachment to a specific region or to the nation? In what ways are Canadians similar to/different from Americans?

The essence of the Canadian identity is that we are constantly trying to make amends with our dark history. There are still many unresolved issues that Canada is dealing with the first nations and Aboriginal people who were not treated fairly in the early days. Canada is attempting to make amends as a nation and helping them get back to there roots prior to the first settlers on Canada. Canadians are known to be one of the politest people in the world. Canada is known worldwide for our natural resources we have, such as our fishery industries, lumbar industry, and mining industry. We are also known for our harsh climate. This is the essence of the Canadian identity. I believe that Canadians have a strong attachment to their region and nation. So far, all the Canadians I have met love Canada, and everything about it. They are proud to be Canadian. I have many friends who were not born in Canada, but once they moved here and settled, they all are proud to be living is Canada. Canada is the second-best country to live in as of 2018 from a CNBC report as well. Canada is similar to the United States in which both the countries were founded after explorers came here from Europe and the government is very similar in the two countries, but the one major difference between the two countries is the people, there seems to be a lot more discrimination that takes place in the United states of America that isn’t an issue in Canada. Canadian people are united where as people from the United States are distant even going as far as discriminating between people from different states within the country.

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What role has physical geography played in shaping the regional and national identities of Canadians?

The physical geography of Canada has played a huge role in the shaping of the regional and national identities of Canadians. To begin with the climate of Canada plays a big role in how it shapes the regional and national identities of Canada. This is because people adapt differently due to the climate and region they live in. for example people living in South America have different lifestyles, they eat different foods, and wear different clothes. This is all because of the climate of the area. Different climates can affect a region. The food they have acess to is different from ours, therefore they cook differently. The clothes they wear directly reflect the temperatures they are used to. The same ideology can be used to differentiate the people of Canada from the different provinces. Since Canada is so vast, it has multiple climate regions within one country, ultimately shaping the identities of the people living in that specific region. For example, people living in Nunavut may seem from a different place than that from Ontario where the climate is different, and its cheaper to get certain foods which may not be available readily in Nunavut. This can also be seen in the province of Quebec, where most of there heritage is influenced by France as Quebec is home to a lot of people whose background is from, France. The physical geography also plays a role in shaping the regional and national identities in which the climate gives the province different pros and cons when it comes to agriculture and natural resources which can also shape the regional and national identities. For example, British Columbia is known for their fishery industries where as Ontario is known for its great lakes. This is how physical geography plays a role in shaping the regional and national identities.

How should Canadians respond to the environmental challenges we are facing? Develop an argument for or against a policy that would restrict our capacity to be the most active and dangerous agents of environmental change.

Canada as a country seems to be trying very hard to reduce its carbon footprint, for a country with our population size. Canada has done many advancements with there policies to control our carbon footprint such as the Kyoto Protocol. Where Canada can reduce its carbon footprint the most is in the energy generation department. Ontario Canada has shut down all its coal powered plants in favour of other sources with cleaner emissions such as Nuclear, Wind, Hydro, and biomass power stations. Other provinces still have coal power plants, which are extremely bad for the environment. Canada should introduce a policy that control what power generation sources you can have. With many European countries, such has United Kingdom, France, and Germany having spending millions in researching for Fusion reactors, which is the cleanest source of energy we can get with the max efficiency it is basically how the sun can sustain itself. Canada should introduce two policies. The first one being that new house being built are pre-equipped with solar panels on the houses by default. This is good because if the solar panels can be enough for the house it relieves that much stress from the power lines, ultimately having to run power stations for lower durations. There are many new houses being built everyday. Another policy that Canada should introduce is to with transportation. Canada should tax car companies that are selling cars with engines with more than 6 cylinders. This is a very good way of controlling emissions because this will drive companies to develop and provide smaller displacement engines in our cars, just like Europe has been doing. Another reason for this policy is that there are many people out there driving big pick up trucks when they don’t need to be. Taxing them, will deviate them from buying big pickup trucks for no apparent reason. These are two policies that should be introduced to control dangerous agents of environmental change.

Speculate on the ramifications of Quebec’s potential separation from Canada. In what way would the geography of Canada change if Quebec separated?

There would be some serious ramifications if Quebec separated from Canada. The cons for if Quebec separated from Canada would be that we would lose majority of the French speaking people from Canada. The economy of Canada would take a hit because Quebec contributes to Canada economy. They have several mines in Quebec, there is some fishing industries there, and some agriculture. The other con is that Canada would no longer be the second largest country in the world. Canada would also lose provinces east of Quebec as well. If Quebec were to leave it would cause chaos among the other provinces where they would start thinking about separating like Quebec did. The Canadian population would drop. Half of the people living in Quebec are of Native descend. They would not take the separation well because of there heritage with Canada, and its lands. These are all the cons that would take place. There is no pros for Canada if Quebec separates. There would be war within Quebec where the Cree would go with war with the independent Quebec to remain in Canada. Essentially all of northern Quebec belongs to Ottawa and Canada would be taking that back. After separation Quebec’s economy would plummet because it no longer has the financial support from the Canadian government. These are the ramifications that would be associated to the potential separation of Quebec from Canada. The Canadian geography would be affected seriously. Canada would lose 15.5% of its land mass if Quebec separates and the population would drop by 10% and this is how it would affect the geography of Canada.

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