Cancer: Causes and Effects of a Ruthless Disease

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There are so many illnesses found on this planet, some of them can be healed others had been killing people for years. Cancer is not just one malady but a huge group of almost hundreds of them. In people’s opinion there is no scarier analysis than that of cancer. Cancer is, without any doubt, a genuine perilous malady that normally happens when the cell multiplication process runs wild and out of hand. After heart diseases, cancer is the second most common reason for death on the planet today. This illness can happen to any tissue in the human body under factor frames in every territory. There are many causes and effects cancer, but some of them can actually be preventable.

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Some individuals are born with a gene mutation that they inherited from their parents genetically. This process put them at risk more than normal people in general. Hereditary variables can add to the advancement of cancer. An individual’s genetic code advises their cells when to partition and when to lapse, that’s how changes in behavior can prompt defective directions, and cancer will result. Also, biological factors that can be considered as genetic causes include age, gender, inherited genetic defects and skin types. The study of disease hereditary genes has significantly helped in the comprehension of the disease’s science leading to better characterized therapies and to identify the individuals that are at high risk of cancer diagnosis, for example, DNA based hereditary testing represents an essential advance in the recognizable proof of individuals with a high life time danger of malignancy and for whom hereditary advising may incredibly improve the chance of avoiding the outcome of the disease. We find interesting to know that side effects can change by cancer type. We should also realize that some symptoms reduce after some time and that many others may not show up until months or years after treatment. So, what are the physical side effects of cancer on the human body? The most common physical effects include: anemia, bleeding and bruising, bone loss, constipation, diabetes, diaria, dry mouth, eye problems, fatigue, hearing loss, hear loss, heart issues, hormonal changes, infection, infertility, learning problems, loss of appetite, lung issues, nausea and vomiting, organ damage, pain, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, skin and sleep problems.

Air pollution mixture is a heterogeneous mixture that includes various types of carcinogen gases. The human exposure to this, is affected by the outdoor pollution going into our indoor environment’s lives and daily basis. Individuals are constantly exposed to many amounts of synthetic substances and chemicals that have been proved to have cancer-causing effects on the human body. This exposure can occur in many variable agents present in nourishment, air, water, and furthermore aspects. Carcinogen gases and molecules are spreading in various huge amounts today, and are increasing faster and faster. In 2013, the international agency for research on cancer confirmed that outdoor air pollution is a primordial cause of cancer. Microscopic dust-like molecules called “particulate matter” make up a part of outdoor pollution. On the other side, here are some of the most common emotional effects on the human being’s social life: depression “seventy percent of cancer survivors experienced depression at some point”, spirituality, relationships, body image, grief, fear of recurrence, survivor guilt, anger, sadness, denial, feeling out of control, feeling hopeless, losing interest in many things. After cancer experience, reentering social and expert life can be very hard, the survival can get anxious about his work performance, his communication with coworkers and people in general, but at the same time work can bring a feeling of commonality and normality with partners that can sometimes help you with moving beyond sentiments, vulnerability and anxiousness.

The use of tobacco products on the human being body is the number on cause for lung cancer in the entire world. Tobacco substance is made of more than seven thousand type of chemicals including seventy known as carcinogen molecules. This might surprise you, but some of these chemicals include: “acetone, ammonia, benzene, methanol, naftalin, nicotine, carbon monoxide, butane, and many other deadly dangerous substances. The smoke also contains a tiny amount of radio active material which people who tend to smoke inhale into their lungs. These tiny amounts built up in their respiratory organ, and can be transformed into a big dose of radiation. Not only smoking can cause lung cancer, but it has been also related to pancreas, ovary, kidney, stomach, and leukemia cancer. The side effects of this bad habit can cause diseases and afterward obstruct the human body from battling it: poison in tobacco smoke weakens the body until it’s no longer able to fight cancerous and malignant cells. At this point, when this occurs these malignancy cells continue developing without being halted. Toxic substances in tobacco can harm and even change a cell’s DNA. DNA is known as this cell’s guidance manual that controls its ordinary developments. Obviously, one of the biggest most dangerous fatal effects in this case would be death. It’s still obvious today when about nine out of ten lung tumors are brought about smoking cigarettes. Indeed, smokers have a more serious hazard for lung cancer today than in 1964. One explanation might be about changes in how cigarettes are made and what they contain.

In conclusion, a plan for the determination and treatment of this malignant disease is a key part of a general control plan. Its primary objective is to cure disease patients and prolong their life time. This plan needs to be linked to an early analysis detection program so cases can be identified at a beginning time when there are more possibilities to fix it. Above all these services have to be acquit able and should be given in an impartial and practical way. As in the future, the program can be stretched out to incorporate other malignant diseases for which treatment can draw out endurance life time.      

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