Cannabis Effects on Prenatal Development

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This study investigates factors connected to cannabis use in pregnant women, its apparent accessibility, the threat it brings about and the relationship between prenatal exposure to cannabis to development of mental disorders (Roncero et. , 2020). As such this study shows the relationship of development of ADHD in children when exposure occurs during prenatal period. The second study regards to the effects that cannabis might have on the development of a child (Jayleen et. al., 2015). It provides details as to the issues that arise when exposure to cannabis during prenatal development.

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Teratogens are described as agents that cause or bring about harm of the developing fetus during pregnancy. The sensitive nature of the development leads to vulnerability of various harmful influences that if not controlled could lead to the improper development of the fetus. As such, it is crucial to identify these agents and the manner in which they affect the fetus. The use of cannabis has seen a huge rise recently due to several reasons such as social influence and recent medical research have found new evidence relating to its use. Coupled by the recent development in legal resources implemented to legalize it, it has seen a huge surge in terms of its use and as such this has caused studies to be performed regarding the effects that its use can have on fetus development in order to determine. This paper discusses the manner in which cannabis is a teratogen and how it can have an impact on fetal development during pregnancy.

Cannabis has not been fully researched due to the legal constraints surrounding it and as such the effects to a developing fetus might not be fully studied. In order for these agents to be harmful, there are factors that determine the degree of damage that it may cause. One crucial aspect is the duration that the agent has been used. In this case, the length of exposure to the use of cannabis having effect on a developing fetus. Through discussion of available literature, the use of cannabis might lead to development of abnormalities in brain chemistry among other effects (Jayleen et. al., 2015). There is a chance that the more exposure occurs is the more that the chances of abnormal development to occur. The continued effect as such leads to more issues that affect the fetus. There is also the factor about the amount and length of exposure. Heavy use of cannabis during fetal development bears different results from short term exposure. This is because non prolonged use of cannabis can have effects but won’t be as much as long term use.

Then there is the individual differences in vulnerability. The ease of use between men and women with regard to cannabis differs with the study identifying little correlation with use in men and women during pregnancy (Jayleen et. al., 2015). The author highlights that there are no strong connections between use and accessibility to influence. Mothers ought to consider the manner in which the influence and use of cannabis has on their child development. However, with history and prolonged use of cannabis, there is a chance of continue use during pregnancy and might impact fetal development (Roncero et. al, 2020). Also, the lack of knowledge with regards to the effects lead to increased risk of influence.

Due to the manner of neurochemicals in the development of the brains and the availability of receptors in the placenta, the manner of effects established have not been determined to be very significant (Roncero et. al, 2020). However, there study found out that there is significant alterations on the mesocorticolimbic system. There is also the increase in thickness of the prefrontal cortex. This are with regards to changes in the system of the fetus during development. There are also molecular changes in that there is high CB1 mRNA  

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