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Capital Punishment as a Future for Criminals

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Capital Punishment is a form of punishment, administered by the government, which sentences people to death for their crimes. Many of these crimes are murders and rape, and it doesn’t discriminate either. Blacks, whites, the mentally retarded, and even the military have faced capital punishment. There have been many legal issues with how to administer capital punishment, but now we have a system to constitutionally administer capital punishment. Even with these revisions, there will always be an ongoing debate on whether to keep or abolish capital punishment. Many people believe that this form of punishment is cruel, unconstitutional, or even barbaric. Capital punishment has methods of execution that are fair and relatively painless, deters future crime from felons, or someone who is contemplating committing a crime, and brings satisfaction and retribution to the victimized and the victim ‘s loved ones. Capital punishment is a humane form of punishment. The 8th amendment states that, ‘Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. ‘ This states that any kind of form of execution will be humane and fairly painless. We have evolved from burying people alive for treason, to administering a dose of lethal injection. According to the article Death Penalty Statutes and Methods: Changes and Challenges, “most states with the death penalty have adopted lethal injection as a more humane alternative to other methods of execution-from twenty-seven states in 1994 to thirty-seven states in 2003. On February 18, 1993, the federal government adopted lethal injection as its sole means of execution… It authorized electrocution if lethal injection is ever held to be unconstitutional and the firing squad if both lethal injection and electrocution are held unconstitutional.”(n.p.) It ‘s incredibly fair to administer death by lethal injection to someone who has ruthlessly murdered an innocent bystander. There is an argument that lethal injections is unconstitutional and that it is a painful process. According to a broad cast titled States React to Court ‘s Lethal injection Ruling, who quotes Sterling Ivy, “The inmate did not pass away for 16 minutes after the execution (lethal injection) had started.” (n.p.) Sixteen minutes of pain is fair when the plaintiff had inflicted multiple hours of excruciating pain to the victims. Most of the acts of violence is unjustified. The excuses that are being made to keep these criminals alive is less than fair, and if we could stop arguing about our most humane practice of capital punishment and serve these criminals justice, then we could stop crime and put a halt on unnecessary killing.

Capital punishment deters future crimes from repeat offenders and civilians contemplating crime. Think of a family with a mother, and older son, and a younger son. The younger son tends to mimick every action that the older brother does, whether it’s an act of good or evil. When the older brother does something that ‘s deemed bad the mother will scold her son. This will deter the younger son from mimicking that action because he does not want to experience the same scolding has his older brother. I think this situation closely resembles how capital punishment deters future crimes. When your life is on the line people tend to hold back these vicious urges. In the article Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF). “The Death Penalty Deters Murder.” The Ethics of Capital Punishment, “When discussing moral justification for capital punishment, one of the main issues is whether the death penalty actually deters criminals from committing murder. To answer that question, two professors from Pepperdine University in California conducted a research study, and their results indicated the answer to be yes. In fact, their evidence correlated each execution with approximately seventy-four fewer murders the following year. Therefore, statistical evidence shows that the death penalty does prevent future murders and is thus justified.” The will to live is more important than the will to kill. Some people are doomed by their uncontrollable desires, but some reasonable people who are just angered and acting on impulse will think twice before acting upon it. It ‘s a natural fear to be alone. A crazy man wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his life in a jail cell in efforts to be with people. Enforcing capital punishment will deter the impulses of new offenders and deter repeat offenders. The article continues by saying, “criminals that are removed from society through capital punishment are unable to commit a future crime.” (n.p.) Hypothetically, if a prison becomes over crowded enough to release a rapist, the rapist will most likely go out and rape again. These prisoners could potentially inflict more harm than the first offense. Capital punishment is the solution to stop repeat offenders, and it will also prevent the prisons from being over crowded. Capital punishment is a universal lesson, you reap what you sow. People would be aware that they can’t go around causing chaos and anarchy, that their actions have repercussions. To achieve justice and retribution for the innocent lives that was taken by the hands of evil.

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Capital punishment brings satisfaction and retribution for the ones that were victimized, and for the victim’s loved ones. Families who have lost their loved ones in the hands of someone they don’t know is a traumatizing experience; you can ‘t escape the endless agony of losing a loved one. That is why America needs to enforce capital punishment. We need to deliver justice for those families in heart ache. We need to avenge their honor; no human should take someone ‘s life and not expect the same to happen to them. The according to this web article called Capital Punishment Should be maintained, in the Thompson V. McNeil case a petitioner, codefendant, and two women were in a motel room. The codefendant and the petitioner threatened the women and tried to extort cash from them. They were expecting $200, when all the victim could come with was $25 the codefendant was angry and hostile. He forced her into the bathroom and began to whip her in the face with a chain belt. He began to undress her and started to violently ram a chair leg into her vagina, which caused internal bleeding. The torture didn ‘t stop there; they burned her with lit cigarettes, continued to beat her, and made her eat her own menstrual pad. She finally called her mother and was able to get the rest of the money the petitioner and the codefendant wanted, and then they continued to torture her until she finally died. Police had caught the men involved with the murder, and was sentenced to death row. They prolonged his sentence at least seventeen times. They deemed his prolonged death sentence cruel and unusual and let him go. (n.p.) The excruciating pain that the victim received was not justified. This case is a perfect example on how corrupt and ineffective the justice system is. Murders are left walking on this earth thankful that they ‘re alive. Convicted murders, that are sentenced to prison for life without parole, still talk to their loved ones, are able to read a good book, and are able to feel the warmth of the sunlight on their skin. Their time was stolen from, and the felon that did it is wasting space behind a jail cell. Capital punishment is a perfect way to get even; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The American people should not waste precious resources on people who aren ‘t worth it, and reserve the resources for the heroes of our future.

Capital punishment has methods of execution that is fair and relatively painless, deters future crime from felons, or someone who is contemplating committing a crime, and brings satisfaction and retribution to the victim ‘s who have been victimized and the victim ‘s family. It is fundamental that we enforce capital punishment so we can shape the future of America. Some may say that scare tactics is a tyrannical method of enforcing law, but it is important to keep America in order. We are the land of justice for all, so we should exemplify that with capital punishment.


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