Capitalism: a Love Story Summary

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Michael Moore from the very beginning puts one problem above the rest - it's a mortgage. It is in this area that the financial structure has created a gap, which in turn served as the beginning of global changes in the US economy. However, Moore would not make a film about the fact that the stock market brought down the entire economy of the state. Here he needs the essence - because of what did one of the largest economies in the world burst like a soap bubble? And he found not one, but several reasons. And at the forefront was none other than the state. And from then on, I understood Michael Moore's interest in telling the true truth about such a strong love for the capitalism of all rich people and their extreme disapproving reviews of modern democracy.

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'I think capitalism is much more important than democracy ... Listen, I approve of the fact that people have the right to vote and all that, but you know, many countries that have the right to vote are still poor,' says one of the Wall Street Journal. ' In these words, the whole controversy surrounding capitalism grows, which Michael Moore openly condemns. And he is not alone. The most interesting thing is that all current financiers openly advocate for the capitalization of the state, here I am writing not only about the United States, although the film relates primarily to the Americans. But the crisis has affected most of the world. So, it is interesting that in the constitutions of most developed countries there is not a single word about capitalism. There is a definition of democracy and words about the voting rights of every resident of a state. Moore concludes in favor of the fact that the modern elite of the richest people in the United States stands for their exclusive right to influence the state of the world. Their main slogan is: 'Under capitalism, you are free to do what you want.'

But because of such judgments of the main financiers of the planet, ordinary workers in factories and factories, the middle class, so to speak, are primarily affected. It was he who was hit by the crisis. And it’s very serious! It is only because of great greed that a crisis occurs in which the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. This is because the main shareholders of the companies lay off up to 80% of their staff and sell all their shares at the most scanty prices, which in turn leads to bankruptcy of the company. All this is called a total sale, because of which, thanks to the huge number of shares, the main shareholders (and these are department heads) receive solid bonuses. Moreover, they can reach seven- and eight-digit numbers.

And here I was interested in one question that Michael Moore asked: “What would happen if the workplace were democracy?” Then in this film, I saw something that I could never even think of. The viewer was shown one enterprise in which all employees are co-owners. It would seem that this is the case in many enterprises with the currently fashionable board of directors. But I don't mean that. The fact is that in that small American company, unfortunately, I do not remember the name, all are shared owners of their own enterprise. The salary of each employee is calculated from his scope of work, and without any commissions. Everything is clear for them: how much you have done, so much and get it. Even the CEO receives on an equal basis with his employees, whose salaries are among the highest in his district.

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