Career Fair and Discovering What is Your Greatest Talent Or Skill

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Careers fair, it is useful for the range of students. I do not even have a chance to join this activity during the college so that I was so exciting Professor Don focus on help transfer students how to catch and use university resources and enjoy their campus life. As I think, the careers fair is very useful for most of the students who want to get their degree and looking for a work experience opportunity before graduating.

As I entered the building and signed in with student ID, I made my badge, with my name, major and junior year. Because of this is the first I attended Career fair, then I had thousands of thoughts running through my head, “what I need to do first?”, “what if they not interesting talk to me?”, “what if I am not as good as anyone else here?”. Despite these thoughts, I managed to remind myself that like other obstacles I had in my life, I will get over it. I could hear tons of voices from conversations between student and recruiters or student socializing among themselves. I can see nearly 40 or more employers around me, most of the employer I walked past were welcoming students with “hello” and some even tried to engage in a conversation with me to attract my toward their table. I am an international global study major student, and I am super interested in business companies, then I have conversations with two company: Amazon and Walmart.

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After several conversations, I learned that lots of employers were eager to talk to students, they were very interested in hearing about my background information like where my passion was and what I was currently involved in. Also, I realized that talent or skill is a super important power show to the employer. For me, my greatest talent or skill lies in in-depth research. I have a great passion for researching prices for products and goods in the market. I have learned that the more I spend time doing research, the more I am able to buy products at lower prices. I have therefore chosen to immerse myself in doing more research so that I can understand many things that happen in life, especially when it comes to selling and buying of products and goods. I want to understand the psychology of selling and buying so that I develop strong analytic skills of business negotiation. I love when I do my research and go to the market and buy my favorite products and services at lower prices compared to face value prices that some businesses offer to the consumers in the market.

I remember when I wanted to buy my first car, I conducted a lot of research and as a result, I ended up with fair buying price compared with many car bazaars were offering for the same model of car that I wanted to buy. I strongly believe that by continuing to do more research about people and products in the marketplace, I will get a lot of great deals and strong bargaining powers when I go to buy a certain product in the market. I look forward, to continue, doing research so that I have a better understanding of the world I live in and how people buy or sell goods in the market. Research is part of my DNA and I enjoy doing it every day. Also, it will help me to find the good job in the future.

After meeting with some employers I ended my day at the career fair, I realized that it is very necessary to develop and demonstrated talent. For me, I have developed and demonstrated my talent in research by continuously researching people and products in the market as well as reading a lot of great researchers and the methods they use to conduct successful research projects in the market.

To sum up, it is my first time join this event, therefore I am absorbing in this Career Fair. I can learn some interpersonal and communication techniques which help me successfully get a great job. I wish every student enjoy their time at this fair, it is a great way to network with other students. 

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