Career Plan: Identifying My Short Term and Long Term Career Goals

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My career works are partly related to my basic educational background and interest. My Department also encourage to apply this scholarship staff to develop either our knowledge of the international culture or how they safeguard heritage. I will take with my interest, dedication, and a stalwart work idea. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my life and see much of it as a stepping stone toward a successful future in the Archaeology and cultural heritage management world. I know that I need to expand my skilfulness set beyond its current level. Therefore, I see the programs were offered at Durham University, University of Sheffield and York University as the perfect way to do so. I chose the MA International Cultural Heritage Management course which aimed to develop my knowledge and practical skills to develop careers in heritage policy, management, conservation strategies, learning, engagement and enterprise. These are essential training for professional roles throughout the sector.

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In the short term strategy, I have always aimed to enter a similar profession improving for myself as my career goals. It is my strong ambitious to set up goals to achieve this position. That is why, I have to profit knowledge and experience while I work during one decades on the same field concerning the Cultural Heritage. I comprehend myself I will retake my responsibility at the Division of World Heritage Sites under the Department of Archaeology and National Museum. I will achieve my goal in line with applying Master of International Cultural Heritage Management. For instance, I will apply my studied experiences and knowledge to the preparation of our Cultural Heritage to inscribe WH list with the membership of international and national experts. This responsibilities that my skills are utilized to the greatest and allows me to grow within the cultural heritage managements organization.

Elaborating my long term strategies , I would like to set up the purposes through the ranks and achieve my responsibilities as a leader under the department of Archaeology and National Museum. Therefore, these are able to give results in cultural heritage management sectors can be fruitful way to progress in my career. It can be seen that the short term and long term goals are related how I want them to motivated me. I picture myself having grown in the field and dealing with international and national experts on a higher level through my responsibilities. I also have a plan to cooperate with overseas scholars from the UK to present our visions on different cultural future incorporation and knowledge of the cultural heritage management of the UK government. This career development gives me essential knowledge of various cultural forms and management internationally.   

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