Career Research and Overview of the Career Oriented Course

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • An Insightful Overview of the Weeks’ Learning Outcomes
  • Self-Awareness Week: 1
  • Self-Awareness Week: 2
  • Opportunity Awareness: 1
  • Opportunity Awareness: 2
  • Career Research and Making Decisions
  • Transition Weeks: One, Two, Three and Four
  • The Findings: Into the Workplace
  • Conclusion
  • References


My aim is to become a business consultant or business leader because, I have great ideas, vision and strong passion that I can also bring in quality innovation, change transformation policy and best practice, hard element and soft element that will benefit the organization position and help them to drive the organization to be successful and achieved their goal. I had some experienced in business, I was into fashion business with partners for 2 year, I decided to go to university to have more knowledge about businesses and acquired more business skills. I gained admission into UCLAN Preston university for business management. My first and second year at university has boost my aspiration by given me more knowledge and understanding about businesses, because in my first year at university. I did a lot of critical analyses in learning how to develop some special skills that will improve my skills in future, at university in my first year I attended different modules lecture, seminar, workshop, presentation and worked with different group, BU1006, HR1007, HR1005 and HR1008, 

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I did all this course in my first year, this has helped me to learned, improve and acquired some special skills likes  leadership skills, communication skills, team building, time management skills, listen skills and study skills. HR1007 is where I learned about learning map, learning skills and time management skills, this has really helped me to manage my time very well and stay focus get ready for next day and been positive minded. HR1005 has taught me how to write excellent and good business report, why HR1008 has taught me how to acquire quality leadership skills, communication skills and motivation skills and team building skills. I worked with different group in HR1007 and HR1008 where I learned how to accept different human behavior and attitude in order achieved one goal; this has helped to showcase quality group presentation.   

I am particularly good with people and working adaptability and flexibility skills. Career management is one of the root values that professionals must determine in the early phase of their education. In fact, the determination of a perfect career lies in the understanding of the abilities and skills developed through the course learning. It is up to the student’s own comprehension of the coursework as well as suggestions of the instructors that shape the future career of the students. In this context, the course learning objectives of the current module helped me understand the value of deciding the path and goals of future. There are immense possibilities in the field of business analytics and accountancy that can be explored with the learning objectives successfully achieved by appearing this course module. 

The following is a formal appraisal of the throughout journey of the course that I have gone through. I would prefer finding new opportunities in the field of data analysis and accountancy after completing the course. I had 10 years' working experienced and I have been trained in different business development, attended different seminar and workshop to improve my skills on how to manage businesses and bring transformation of change policy and management strategy that will strengthen and give the organization good image to be successful. My passion is to work hard stay focus, bring in discipline, hard element and soft element and nice structure and style that will benefit the organization. My time management skills are great I always keep up with time to deliver task as quick as possible to meet up with time management deadline report because time is money. my communication skills are powerful, I communicate fluently with people to understand my messages am passing. My listening skills are perfect, I always give attention to people when they are speaking to understand what they are saying.

I studied 6 mouth conflict management courses, this has helped me to gained experienced to resolve any disagreement or conflict that rise within an organization to quickly respond find a solution to resolve it. I always review my plan and do self-assessment to improve my career.

I am a dynamic and profession, creative, friendly, outspoken, confident and handwork business analysis that have great ideas and vision to contribute business knowledge that will bring quality innovation, best practice, cost saving, quality assurance, motivation and good communication skills and build quality relationship that will improve the organization, am also a good coordinator, team player, efficient leader that will contribute mass improvement to the success of the organization.

I started developing my career employment skills at the university, where I worked with different groups and team task that developed my skills and make me become a good team builder and coordinator. Attending different modules, seminar, workshop and presentation at the university that has made me more active and effective in my responsibility and I did some voluntary worked where I gained some experienced in marketing and communicating with clients this has improve my skills in communicate fluently with people. My aim is to bring transformation of change and implement discipline to any organization that will employ me to their services. am a strong passion person that is willing to give all it takes to make the organization successful.

An Insightful Overview of the Weeks’ Learning Outcomes

At first, it is significant to analyze how my appearing in this course ahs shaped my understanding of the personal career management. The introduction week to the course groomed my skills about the overall objectives of the course module that I was supposed to clear over the course of time. I understood the basic concepts of models of employability and career development Learning and employability-based self-evaluation. What matters the most in this context is the opening of the new opportunities that remain unexplored for a new student i.e. the new students—they do not have knowledge and skills about the course that they have opted initially—learn to start the journey of grooming their skills and in a timely manner, they achieve the personal career management-based objectives successfully. The models of employability gave me a chance to see how I can evaluate my ability to stand during business analytics concepts. In other words, it was the first part of my journey of learning the basics of the course.

Additionally, the introduction week was fair enough in terms of providing precise details of the technicalities involved in the process of online learning. I was given a specific identity over the web portal of the course where I would review my progress and I was instructed to have a time to time revision of the course learning objectives. The access to portal opened the opportunity to consult the learning material provided to me who I was expected to read through, as per the requirement of the weekly assignments and online activities. The significant aspect was the inclusion of the discussion board which allows healthy discussions to take place over the given assignment. The peer judgments enabled me with the skills of improving my writing and approach to the given topic. I understood about how to express my opinion over a topic written by someone else with the help of learning material that I have gone through so far.

Self-Awareness Week: 1

In the context of beginning the setting up of the personal career management, I was given an opportunity in this week to analyze where I wanted to go in future. Based on the motivations that I had received initially, I always wanted to be a part of the business analytics world; the analysis of the data and precise conclusions driven from this kind of analysis had always given me an opportunity to think beyond the limits of common people. It was the most motivating factor that had dragged me to this course module and I was ready to implement that spirit of learning in the practical aspect of the course itself. It was the positive feeling that had also encouraged me to do better in this segment because of the overall learning procedure base attractions.

Secondly, the self-awareness week also assisted me in the process of having complete knowledge of my own skills and my personality as well. It was the first time in the whole career setting process that I could learn how important it is to evaluate the abilities of the self before moving further in the process of career management at personal level. I have attended different businesses seminar and learned many skills and gained knowledge to show case my talent, I’m very good in creating and directing, presenting and communicating things that will bring achievement or success to any organization. My strength is to deliver outstanding, efficient and effective performance when am at duty, I like to be focus and concentrate when am working to deliver any tasks. My weakness is, I learn from mistake and perfect it. I would like to engage myself with more on employability plan skills to improve my skills, get more training and find out potential area of work and critically appraise skills I have, and the new one I will develop in future. I’m a very bold speaking person and nice to associate and socialize with, calm and relaxes, I always ready to learn a new skill that would develop me and improve my status to deliver outstanding performance to any organization that will need my services in future. I always make people happy and am very friendly down to earth person. I have this special skill to read people’s mood and study situation around me, am very vigilant and observant person. I perceive that people at time make faulty decisions since they are confused about their future career choices. There are multiple dimensions in which, they prefer to manage their personal career choices which is simply impractical to think.

For example, an accountant can have opportunities to analyze the data and perform the duties related to his or her job profile that include preparation of the annual reports and managing the financial needs of the organizations through making precise predictions. However, if the accountant prefers to enter in the HR segment of the same organization because it is a part of his or her personal interest, it will do him or her no good in the future because the efforts made in the HR department will not be counted as his real job profile. Multitasking can be an effective personality trait but in the process of doing the same—as I could learn in the self-awareness week 1 activity—the focus of the professional should be on grooming the primary ability on priority. It is the only way that leads to the success of the professional in the selected career.

Further, I could also learn about placing value over the personal career choices because that is not done on repeating bases in life. The process of managing the career is somehow related with the aspect that one must be serious and completely oriented in the initial phase of his or her education about setting up the goals for the future career choices. It is up to the professional himself that how he or she is supposed to show value and respect to the personal career management that he or she has opted. This fair understanding can lead to positive outcomes in the personal career management in future.

Self-Awareness Week: 2

In the second week, the process of building personal career management goals began roughly with the concept of what I would be offering to my employer in the coming future. I learnt throughout this week that one must be prepared mentally while making the personal career choice and at the same time, one has to determine the factors that he might need t use to frame his encounter with the employers. The disposition of the personal attributes, for example, if one of the most significant aspects that one must learn professionally. It is significant because showing the personality and confidence while facing the employer is necessary. Secondly, the detailing of the skills and knowledge gained so far also plays pivotal role in managing the career at personal level. For example, as data analyst, I would prefer showing skills of processing the data in less time than others, while facing any possible interview in the future. It would be helpful in disclosing the amount of experience and knowledge that I have gained so far in the desired filed. Thus, throughout this week, I could learn about the basic ways to show the real aspect of my professional personality to the employer in the best manner possible.

Opportunity Awareness: 1

Opportunities play major role in determining the ratio of success in the career management of professionals. The third week opened a window to understand how the organizational culture works and how one can find ideal ways to have perfect opportunities to grow within a specific organizational culture. I could learn that every organization sets up some specific trends of its own that all its employees are expected to follow. It is more like understanding the ways through which, the organization decides to achieve the desired goals. Within these goals and culture, there lay the possibilities to grow by showing efficiency of work and a complete professional outlook that helps in sustaining the objective of personal career management. I could also find it apt to think about working aboard—most of the companies these days offer their best employees to have an opportunity to work with its foreign branches and it expands the level of cultural understanding of the professional while working with people of different cultural backgrounds. In fact, this concept helped me shaping my idea about the grabbing the opportunity, if it would exist perfectly for me, by both hands.

Opportunity Awareness: 2

Throughout this week, I was introduced to another aspect of career management which is hidden job market and networking. To handle the concept of hidden job market and networking, I would infer that informational interviews are a great way to learn more about a specific employer, profession, industry, or a job. As a result, I will be better informed, avoiding painful or annoying mistakes when I am planning a change to job or career. I also came to know the importance of social media websites in this week to manage the hidden job market based possibilities. These sites are important ways to connect with people I know and meeting new people. Social networks work by offering people the ability to create, and to manage, their public profile. In these social networks, I can tell people who I am and what I do, both directly and indirectly. It helps the employers to know exactly about the potential of the professional like how he or she works and what he can do to the wellbeing of the organization. The employers also came to know about the real attributes at professional level of the person seeking job.

Career Research and Making Decisions

This week was like the first landmark in the process of managing the career choices. In fact, I understood the concept that the career research and decision making skills of the professionals are interconnected. Once the career research begins it is initiated by the choice of the professional. His skills and knowledge are deployed in the process of giving him a chance to see where he or she stands initially in the market of job. For example, while making my career in accounts and data analysis, I would rather seek the opportunities in small firms where I can find enough time to learn the ways how the data has been processed in the best manner possible. These small organizations will help me grow as a professional which will further help me to work with bigger firms. In other words, the decision of working with small organizations will be more like a part of the career research. The gained experience from these organizations will lead to the success ratio—which will be high enough to survive as a professional—with the big firms as well. in other words, I will be able to survive through the process of having a perfect career management choice made at the right time as well as I will be working in a step by step manner to sustain my position as a professional in the market.

Transition Weeks: One, Two, Three and Four

Transition weeks brought in the knowledge that branding isn't only important for businesses. It is also important in getting a job. In fact, personal branding has taken on increasing importance as the workforce embraces creativity and individualism. And with unemployment still above the natural 5 percent, it is even more important to get the edge and stand out with our resume. Branding does this. Branding allows for you to show the unique value you bring to the table and allows for the employers to get a real insightful look at who you are and what you are all about (Career cast, 2019). Possibly, the best disposition of the professional attribute is strongly related with the process through which, the tailoring of CV is done. A good CV appears to be the manifesto of a political party where the glimpse of the strengths, skills, knowledge, experience and personal profile are enlisted altogether—like political parties enlist their promises and work profile during elections. A great CV has all that information that an employer seeks from professional. It saves the time of interview as well. I can infer that will having a great CV in hand, one must prepare the interview with only what he or she has mentioned in the CV; it will simply help him or her to address the questions posed during the interview.

I could also know that organizations these days pursue the social media profiles of their professionals with interest. This follow up leads to the general understanding of the social behavior that the professional usually has followed so far. in week two, I came to know the concept that Commercial awareness questions can come in many shapes and sizes. Some might be very specific and obviously commercially focused, while others might be more general, allowing you to bring in commercial factors alongside other considerations. Altogether, the preparation for the interview belongs to cover up these commercial questions so that a better examination of the professional can take place while facing the interview.

In most of the organizations---as I could learn from the three weeks—the process of handling the professionals’ hiring mostly depends over the expanded concept of knowing him or her through his or her social media account. The professionals are expected to know their social media profiles are checked ad reviewed in order to assess their competency and interaction skills with people. Thus, it should be one of the primary things that one must understand in the light of the fact that his or her social media profile contributes significantly in the process of getting the preferable jobs. It creates job profiles to be understood by the professional reviewers with the help of media resources and online activities of the professionals these days.

The Findings: Into the Workplace

As per the final week of the course, the career management choices were made clear by showing some basic factors that one should follow as professional. While working within a team, I could learn that providing the best output as the unit of the team is very important to do a work successfully. I would also state that in the finding section, our preparation for the online classes and for online learning also helped us shape our ideas in the best manner possible. For example, I connected with a virtual team in which, open mindedness and respect were the two major attributes that I must follow throughout as a true professional. A good communicator should enter into any conversation with a flexible, open mind. Be open to listening to and understanding the other person's point of view, rather than simply getting your message across. By being willing to enter into a dialogue, even with people with whom you disagree, you will be able to have more honest, productive conversations (Doyle, 2019).

Also, I can now state that People will be more open to communicating with me if I convey respect for them and their ideas. Simple actions like using a person's name, making eye contact, and actively listening when a person speaks will make the person feel appreciated. On the phone, I am expected to avoid distractions and stay focused on the conversation (Doyle, 2019). Therefore, being an effective communicator, I would rather work on the given requirements so that I can become an effective member of the team to perform with the best ability. Secondly, the important things listed under the finding week were to understand the value of emotional intelligence. The modern business world has grown rapidly; the national boundaries do not matter for the professionals and they get a chance to work with people of different cultural backgrounds. The organizations are also seeking possibilities overseas and they are most likely interested in growing their business into foreign lands. This is the segment where emotional intelligence makes the professional appear to be the best of his or her kind. Emotional intelligence, as per the course observation, appears when through a friendly tone, a personal question, or simply a smile, you will encourage your coworkers to engage in open and honest communication with you. It's important to be nice and polite in all your workplace communications. This is important in both face-to-face and written communication. When you can, personalize your emails to coworkers and/or employees – a quick 'I hope you all had a good weekend' at the start of an email can personalize a message and make the recipient feel more appreciated (Doyle, 2019). It also helps in sustaining the morale of the team and it develops the healthy working conditions within the workplace premises.


In conclusions, the overall journey through my course modules has helped in shaping my employability skills and to become a genuine professional. I have acquired a range of competences which provide structured ways for individuals and groups to gather, analyses, synthesize and organize self, educational and occupational information, as well as the skills to make and implement decisions and transitions. I can confidently access and interpret the information I need to make well informed choices about my learning options, pathways and how these relate to my possible future careers, I can share, evaluate and evidence my skills for learning, life and work to help me make successful future choices and changes and can consistently demonstrate the skills, attributes and behaviors needed to sustain and progress my career. I got the chance to understand the basic ideologies behind creating and managing the personal career choices. Some very valuable frameworks about online learning were made clear and now, I stand confident to develop the possibilities of having a great career ahead as the data analyst.



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