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I would like to begin my carer research paper by noting that immediately upon finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, I’m planning toward pursuing a product marketing job. My goal is to become a product marketing manager, which would allow me to work in small groups to develop new ideas and come up with creative content to increase the company’s demand in product sold. For this job title you are required to configure marketing schemes and then figure out which method is the most effective. Managing and constructing marketing goals are the big focus point in this career. Developing a product strategy alongside executing strategies is immense being a product marketing manager. Being able to correlate with customers to asses their needs is a everyday job task that product marketing managers deal.

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Prior to getting this job, I am required to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing or Business administration. Generally, before getting hired for this job you are required to have at least one-year experience in a marketing internship or related job for another company. Some personal traits and skills you must obtain to succeed in this career would be creativity, problem-solving skills, marketing skills, analytical expertise, with efficient research skills and being able to connect with potential customers on various levels. The top organization’s to be a product marketing manager for is Advanced Micro devices, NetApp, VMware, Oracle and Symantec. Most of these companies are software or technology companies, but every company that sales anything has a product marketing manager. The median product marketing manager’s salary is $118,216 and often get raises due to company’s success. The present demand for this job is flourishing every year and is expected to grow 10% nationwide through 2026. Previously mentioned this job will have tremendous growth in the future due to the amount of social media marketing era we are living in right now. Personally I think I would be a considerable fit for this job due to the fact that I am a personable, goal oriented and love working in a team environment to achieve big goals.

My current degree plan will assist me getting in the door with this career, all I have to do is finish my bachelor’s degree to acquire the job. Currently I have 63 hours to finish to receive my bachelor’s degree in marketing. This degree will set me back me around $25,000 and I will use student loans to finish up my school at University of Houston-Clear Lake. A bunch of company’s offer marketing internships that can help students understand the basics of marketing before they enter the workforce. My current job is an internship in marketing, and it allows me to see how company’s plan and execute their marketing strategies cost efficiently. The best advice I have received from my Senior Marketing Manager would be to always be prescient with my work and always keep an open mind. One of my life goals is to plan on keeping good relations with everyone I work with in the future due to the fact you never know what situations you could face in the future.

My inventory skills show that I would be a perfect match for this career, and I believe I have what it takes to succeed in the business world. This job will provide me a lot of satisfaction, because it will allow me to spend time with my family still and also keep my financially stable. I won’t stop working hard until I achieve my goal to become a Chief Marketing Officer and when achieve that goal I will continue to work just as hard. Hopefully with this career I will advance up the food chain and be able save money to invest my money into real estate properties. With my girlfriend and I’s combined income we both will be able to live comfortably and allow us to go wherever we want in the world. By the time I am 35 years old I hope to be a leading Marketing manager for whatever company I get the chance to work for.

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