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Comparative Analysis of B. F. Skinner's and Carl Rogers' Personality Theories

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Carl Rogers developed his theory based on personality through insight gained from his patients in therapy sessions. Rogers viewed human nature as basically good and if left to develop naturally, he thought people would be happy and psychologically healthy. He added For a person to grow, they need an environment that provides them with genuineness (openness and self-disclosure), acceptance (being seen with unconditional positive regard), and empathy (being listened to and understood). Honestly I believe a person cannot have all of this while that person is growing up. One can say they were provided this while growing up but it is difficult because of the society we are living in.

Society these days are filled with lies and deception. Carl Rogers also stated. Fully functioning people are well adjusted, well balanced and interesting to know. Often such people are high achievers in society. People who are high achievers” are referred as rich today, but how are the rich viewed nowadays? I believe arrogant, selfish and misbehaved are some of the words that comes into mind. Other than the fact how much money they make are they truly interesting to know? There are lot of problems are caused by one percenters.

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Going back to Carl Rogers theory, how can you determine someone is happy? How can you determine someone is psychologically healthy? Last year Linkin Park singer committed suicide from depression and no one in his family knew about him being depressed. Couple days ago he went on a vacation with his family. His wife told the media he looked happy and nothing seemed wrong but inside he was battling with depression. Based on this it is truly difficult to determine someone is happy.

Does that mean someone who does not feel any other emotion than happiness? The term psychologically healthy how can we determine that? Linkin Park singer had everything, money, fame, family, recognition, but despite all that he decided to end his life. For someone who had everything to end his life does that mean it is impossible to achieve true happiness? After reading Carl Rogers theory it gives me more and more questions regarding happiness. Is it possible for someone in current era to achieve true happiness? This theory can be considered outdated since the time changes and so the people. It might have been possible back when this theory came out but nowadays I believe it is truly difficult. Due to that this theory is very unstable and vague.

To conclude I believe B. F. Skinnerв operant conditioning theory is most accurate, reasonable, and realistic personality theory. Carl Rogersв theory does not have enough evidence to back up the statements.


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