Carrying Guns on College Campuses

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There has been a high rise in mass shootings in the United States for the past couple of years. Most of these shootings taking place on school grounds. These mass shootings are happening more, and these people aren’t feeling safe anymore. The people are calling out for better gun control with that some states have passed laws where people could carry guns on college campuses. Guns on college campuses have sparked a debate and in this essay we will try to find out on whether this is a good idea or not. Although many are against guns on campuses, people should know those lawful gun owners should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses.

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Pros and Cons of Guns on College Campuses

Some people believe that guns on college campuses are a danger to other students, but some people believe that it helps protects other students from danger. What some people don't understand is that the second amendment gives us the right to carry a gun under certain restrictions. The people who are opposed to guns on campuses believe that we’re allowing anyone to carry a gun on college campuses, but that’s not true. Kyle Becker wrote an article talking about the states that passed laws where colleges permit concealed weapons on college grounds. Most of these states have restrictions on where you’re allowed to carry a concealed weapon. The only way you can carry a gun on college grounds is if you have a license to carry a concealed weapon. The fact that these laws are implicating colleges to put restrictions on concealed weapons should let people know that having guns isn't going to impose danger on other students.

When people see on the news that guns on college campuses are finally allowed, they automatically think that allowing guns on school grounds will impose more crimes and problems. The people start judge on how badly this new law is going to affect all colleges that are allowing guns on college campuses. The truth is that some of these laws have good statistics on how this law is affecting states who adopted the law. An article written by John Patrick states that the University of Kansas police saw a decrease in crimes compared to the year prior. There was a significant drop in crimes that involved fire weapons, and this proved that the law on guns on college campuses was working. If these laws are proving the decrease of crimes and more then students should be able to carry guns only if they have a license to do so.

Another article providing that these concealed gun laws are successful apart from Kansas is Texas. Joseph Warta writes about how these laws aren’t affecting colleges in any way. He mentions many universities are seeing that the laws aren’t causing any problems, and everything is going well. He also talks about how police officers are favoring the law that was added because it makes the campuses safer as opposing that it doesn’t. If we see that there isn’t a problem with the campus carry laws, then why would people be opposed to having lawful gun owners carry guns on college campuses. The fact that it’s causing any problem in universities that there shouldn’t be a negative impact of them carrying it on college grounds. These laws aren’t affecting anyone. The people just don’t like the idea of someone carrying a gun but if they are licensed and well trained then there shouldn’t be a reason to not favor them or the laws.

Some people voiced their opinions on college allowing licensed guns and why they agree that this is a good idea. Caitlin O’Shei wrote an article stating that people committing more crimes are the ones who don’t have concealed guns. She also explains why she supports this law because we have a right to carry a concealed gun and it doesn’t affect the learning environment of the school. If we want to feel safe, then we should be able to carry guns to protect ourselves from any danger. Many people argue that if carrying concealed guns to college isn’t going to prevent someone from not shooting the school.

There is also another reason why lawful gun owners could be allowed to carry guns on college campuses. People think that carrying a gun is going to protect everyone from a shooting. Erik Gilbert talks about how the law that was implemented isn’t to prevent a tragedy even but to have the right to carry for protecting yourself. He brings out a lot of good points on why campus carry laws are convened for those who are licensed gun owners. He explains that there shouldn’t be a reason for someone to prohibit us from beings a gun to college if the law allows it. It’s our right to own a gun and be able to defend ourselves in a situation that is affecting us. Those who own guns aren’t making bad choices and using the law to justify their actions.


People need to believe that lawful gun owner have a license to carry a gun for a reason. The law on campus carry and colleges aren’t letting owners just carry a gun and not show proof that they're licensed. The debate on colleges accepting lawful owners will always be negative because people believe it isn’t the right choice. If they were licensed gun owners and were in a situation that required them to use their gun, then they would end up using it. Lawful gun owners should be able to carry guns on college campuses because it's their right to do so and because some feel like it makes them feel safer.

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