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The instance of Ron Ventura’s at Mitchells Memorial Hospital fetches to the fore a stellar employee with the demonstrated proven track results as a vascular specialist, notwithstanding, there exists an apparent dynamic differential line amongst himself and the attendants of the hospital. Andy Prescott, The Director is entrusted with the restoration of the Ventura’s covenant but also has to focus on the point of his disruptive behaviour towards the managerial norms and policies considering the values of the Mitchells organisational framework. Despite of this Andy has to develop a strategy to control Ron’s aggressive demeanour which has increasing become a pressing matter so as to minimise the detrimental impact of hospitals mission statement, which clearly states its community as their “source of ability to deliver on high quality patient care”. As per the Case, Ventura is acclaimed as being the “master of the craft” and has increased the cardiovascular centres revenue by 22% since joining the hospital, his style of working has already caused significant curls which has back folded upon his positional respect. Ventura is reckoned as the ace of his department.

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Ventura would thus be able to be profiled as a grating individual who Levinson (1978, p88) has depicts as one that feelings of dread loss of control and perspectives others as "expansions of himself “rather than people that are one of a kind in their own particular manners and have their own desires, wants and goals. Ventura while being an encyclopaedia of knowledge, has a depletion on controlling the sentimental perception which prevents his ability as a chief to foster the teamwork and use the capabilities of different specialists to work effectively and efficiently in order to make them realise the hospitals the purpose of statement. Defining the Salovey and Mayer (1990, p189) as the ability to understand one’s own and other’s feelings, discriminate among them and then use this information to “guide one’s thinking and actions”, Prescott is clearly aware of the imparted gap in Ventura’s authority style. As being the Director, it is curial for Prescott to look into this vigorous behaviour as it will lead onto a conspiracy of loss of talents and further blunt the integrity and transparency of the Mitchells process. This is confirming in the disappointment and dread imparted in every one of the three occupant understudies of which two depended on leaving the program rather than managing Ventura. As such to address the issue, Prescott should focus on developing a strategy into the managerial structure that takes into the accountability to his duty of care towards the policies and values of the Mitchells Memorial and retaining the persistent talent throughout all the levels of the administration. Prescott have to commit to himself about making Ventura realise his personal adequacy as Lewis(2000) contends as crucial for team leaders to draw in and motivate colleagues.

The best techniques which will assist the hospital to accomplish its mission is by providing the best care to the cardiovascular patients in to bring an interpersonal communication amongst the staff. The hospital culture mainly depends upon the interpersonal skills of communication and team work in order to keep the moral of the surgeons high, “high morale leads to high productivity”. The main advantages of these activities being taken into consideration is be that it reduces errors while attending a patient especially in the surgery room (Cespedes & Abelu, 2013, p. 7). According to (Cespedes & Abelu, 2013, p. 7), failure to work together as team may result in low morale amongst the workforce. Furthermore, the proven results and experience doctors say that “patients feel better when a physician talks with them in an understanding manner” (Keating, McDermott & Montgomery, 2013, p.228). Implementation of this strategy of Prescott will happen give that he grasps the notion of Levinson (2002, p 88) emphasis on a notion of procedure of restorative exertion that takes place in different stages.

Given importance to the fact of Ventura’s high locus of control but significance to the budgetary accomplishment of the department, Prescott need to start by soft approach by adopting a delicate strategy to gain the sense of trust and corporation. This will empower Ventura to not feel double-crossed or let around by his supervisor, rather empower him to see Prescott as his mentor and a guide who is also working towards the same optimistic approach of positive outcome for the department. Hogan and Hogan (2002, p79) depict this dynamic as one that empowers two different outlooks to build up a feeling of proclivity to an objective through socio-political mindfulness and knowledge. Note that given Ventura's insignificant resilience for courses other than his own, building this level of trust will impact and before long work to limit the level of obstruction against Prescott's strategy. Building up a growth mindset for Ventura all together is to make him understand why teamwork and collaborations of joint efforts matters for him and for other.

This can be made possible through the arrangement of substantial outcomes, 'examples of overcoming adversities of different residents or surgeons, and consideration in the endeavours too fabricate a procedure for widespread achievement. Prescott as a mediator, can redefine the definition of success to go beyond the merely measure of 30- days death rate or number of spontaneous returns. Prescott can capitalise the strength of the team and remove all the determining possible factors that may arise from enforcing the values. In brief the executions of policies and strategies for all the above problems stated, is expected to help the department to serve the patients in the best possible way. However, it needs to look onto the basic understanding of the policies of working wholly as collaborative team in order to succeed jointly. Evaluations strategy should best be followed merely in stance to conduct performance appraisals and feedback by patients and employees which should not be taken as an obligation by the employee, rather it should be taken as an integrated employment norm. Employees all through all levels of the association ought to be made to feel responsible and proprietors off this procedure.

Anonymous feedback’s and reviews of the surveys would additionally give a voice to the initial matters which would have been not taken into the strategical planning at the initial stages. Thus, this would open up the floor with full of opportunities for the hospital, therefore it can rebuild up the strategies to perform better and make further adjustments to the initiatives. The majority of the mediations and assessment strategies above mean to build cohesiveness and collaboration among all levels of the office. All employees’ sense of job satisfaction should arise from the knowledge that mechanisms are in place in the organisation that allow the transfer of valuable knowledge in a pleasant environment whilst also working towards providing the highest quality of care for their patients.

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