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Objectives: Customer expectations from a good and services may differ from the company observations of customer expectations. Thus, the company deliverables won’t satisfy the potential customers and can’t create customer base in the market. Understanding customer expectations is a must for the customers by market research, survey, user experience to listen to the customer expectations. By listening to the customer, companies came up with strategies to retain customers with improved service quality. The objective of the case study to analyze understanding customer expectations from a service- Pathao Rides and importance of listening to customers. Furthermore, Pathao user’s experience observed for service gap analysis and design recommendation to offer desired service matching customer expectations. Reasons for choosing Transport Industry & Pathao Rides :According to Policy Research Institute, the average car owner spends about 70,000 BDT per month in maintenance, tax, fuel (Reaz, S. , 2018). Transportation takes up great proportion from households, government and private expenditures. Due to increase of migration in city areas, Dhaka has demand of different mode of transportations for short distance and long distance i.e rickshaw, bus, CNG, taxi, train. The government took steps building flyovers, expending roads –footpaths, enforcing traffic rules, traffic congestion is one of the main issues yet to be solved. According to World Bank, traffic speed fallen to 7 km/hour from 21 km/hour over the 10 years and eats up 5 million working hours every day which costs USD 11.4 billion financial loss every year (Haider, A. A. , 2018). Heavy traffic can induce health issues such as anxiety and anger developing in road rage. Dhaka contributes 36% to country’s GDP and 44% to country’s total employment. A study of Revised Strategic Transport Plan (2016) found that, dwellers of Dhaka-the capital take 30 million trips per day consisting 47% in bus, 32% in rickshaw, 9% in private car (Haider, A. A. , 2018). Only private cars capture 76% of the streets whereas public transport 7% of the streets (Haider, A. A. , 2018). Again, every day 55 new car strikes the streets of Dhaka in opinion of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (2018). By deploying police force in major points along with signaling light, traffic congestion is consistent not only in working days but also in weekdays and has become a social problem for the country. Highways roads are also seemed to be jam-packed with loaded goods and regular commuters. Less parking space, inadequate knowledge & planning, indiscipline, loading-unloading tendency in busy roads are the common reasons for traffic jams.

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People always seek cost effective mode and fast commute service to complete day to day activities of office goers, students, dwellers. On rural area, people give ride sharing services in van, motorcycle to drop people in markets, hospitals and other destinations. No one ever imagined two wheelers can be a solution to pick up and drop service in megacity city Dhaka until Pathao, Uber moto, MUV Asia, Shohoz Rides, Obhai, Obon, OiKhali, Amarbike, Amar Ride came up with the solution. The app based services has made people’s life easier to reach to destinations within short arrival time. Again, the services have created employment opportunity to earn daily 1500-2000 BDT by affiliating with companies. User Experience-Pathao Rides

Bayezid Murtoza:

He had used Pathao frequently from last 1 year (2017-2018) as bike ride saves significant amount of time and don’t wait long in traffic signal. After using 300+ rides of Pathao, he uninstalled the app with no dilemma. He had no issue with cost since they have transparent structure of fares. His concern was quality rides from the very beginning. Since, the time went by, he expected to recruit experienced rides with proper driving license and vehicle license. If any casualty takes places, he couldn’t claim and couldn’t take legal action against the rider. Pathao is recruiting riders by mass marketing and not training them on good service. They are focusing only on increasing number of riders but not maintaining quality service. He experienced reckless driving on roads mostly, got scratch mark on leg once because of riding on footpaths. No serious visible actions had been taken after complaining several times. Lastly, he had been injured with fracture by falling down while using the service. The rider did not have any license. Pathao had no strict rules of collecting original driving license rather give options of NID for sign up procedure. He got a call from Pathao after putting up his feedback in social media requesting to take the post down. Still there was no strict action for bad riding experience, explanation for his casualty. He did not take his post down and he was the power user of Pathao. He switched to Obhai, Shohoz Rides which have more credibility in giving user service. Recently, one user died on spot while using the ride service hit by bus. To him, it’s high time, Pathao take seriously the service. Pathao Rides-Company Profile: Primarily, Pathao started their business with parcel service (e-commerce, 2015) and sensed the untapped market of convenient transportation service. Uber-car services and Pathao-moto entered the market in the same time in 2016. The difference was in mode of transport and Pathao created a buzz within very short time in 2017. Anyone with internet can find the application in google play store and the navigation is user friendly. Because of growing demand, Pathao opened the platform for freelance riders (initially riders owned vehicle were approved for sign up) who get bonuses with fixed number of rides per week. The earnings of BDT 1500-2000 daily are quite a healthy figure which delivered positive word of mouth among riders. Unemployed youths, people from informal & formal sectors singed up for additional income. Again, price reduction in bikes increase the potentiality of new riders to join the platform. Pathao is called as Bangladesh’s version of Go Jek meaning an investment backed by Go-Jek with a vision to provide ride share & delivery service from one platform.

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