Cases of Depression on the Workplace

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Stress is a word that is commonly heard these days. Stress varies from one situation to the other. It may give positive energy and motivation to face a certain challenge but sometimes the stress is more than a person can manage and the demands are really high. This might cause the person to slip into depression and makes an individual less productive.

According to a recent survey conducted it was found that one out of every five employee in India suffers from depression. One of the main causes for such condition could the overload of work and the decreased personal as well as professional support.

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Depression is a word that defines the mental state of an individual, it is a small loop hole which with time increase in size if not treated on time. They lose their interest from life, experience consuming grief and even get suicidal thoughts. This not only affects the personal but also professional life of an individual.

According to a survey conducted by ASSOCHAM one of the oldest trade associations of India 42.5 percent of the private sector workers suffers depression and anxiety when compared to the government sector. India being the centre of cheap labour encourages the establishment of many foreign as well as Indian private firms. Workers working in such firms are exploited to the maximum with minimal amount of salary and have no job security. Such conditions lead to depression and anxiety problems. The politics and the peer pressure an individual faces add to the sorrows of the workers.

Overload of work leads to extra work hours. When the work hours of the private sector employee in India is compared to that to the US and the UK workers it give us an astonishing result. Employees in India work around 48 to 50 hours per week whereas in US it is 40 hours and in UK it is 33 hours per week. They don’t receive an equal share of their hard work as they work on very meagre salary keeping their peace of mind, their families at stake ironically working for the family.

Stress has a really bad effect on the overall functioning of the body. Stress not only creates body ailments like insomnia, high cholesterol but also affects the mood of an individual. The work pressure coupled with lack of balance between the professional and personal life, unrealistic expectations and severe lifestyle furthermore paves way to such psychological disorders. The private sector workers generally work in confined spaces with a lack of fresh air and any physical exercise they are sleep deprived and lead a sedentary lifestyle which makes their situation even worse.

According to the survey conducted by ASSOCHAM for the past eight years there is 50 percent increase in clinical depression which leads to increase in the number of ailments related to it. In the private sector around 23 percent of the people suffer from obesity, hyper tension, and cardiac disorders. Turning a blind eye towards this menace could be fatal. In a report by National Crime Record it was stated that 35 in 100,000 people in Bangalore commit suicide as a result of depression.

By creating a healthy workplace such issues can be avoided. Healthy workplace is described as a place where the employees and the employers maintain a good working environment by promoting and protecting their health. It can be achieved by maintaining mental health by all work related issues and developing positive attitude towards work. Employers should also be aware of such situations and should take necessary steps when needed. They should treat all the employees in affair and just manner and should recognize their hard work. The employees should be provided with job security and other facilities.

One should learn to manage the time and practise daily routine to calm mind and body. If the individual feels nothing is working then they should take counselling or medical therapy which might give them immediate result. It is rightly said ‘No one is perfect that is why pencils have erasers’ you might not be perfect but you are worth it so don’t give up on life. 

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