Strategies to Stop the Dependency on Cash-in-Transit

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PROSHIELD SECURITY COMPANY which was founded on July 1999 by Miss OETejane is honoured to take part in stopping the cancerous crime proposals. Vision: Is to provide quality services and value to clients. Mission: To bring solution to every problem. We have successfully worked with Eskom, transet and MIB.

Cash-in-transit heists are getting worse in South Africa. Increase daily in various parts of the world in the same way. According to Annelies Burger’s article (10 May 2018) cash-in-transit crime has hit a pick. It is getting out of control and few arrests are being made, other times not even one arrest is made. According to South Africa’s statistics, in 2006 this crime’s rate was very high, about 467 heists took place in this year. After then it gradually dropped for some years, but it has increased intensely in the previous year 2017. A lot of cash-in-transit heists take place in provinces with mines which is one of the activities that really boost the economy of the country. Namely North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and some of its neighbouring provinces. Fidelities in cash-in-transit robberies have increased more than the other cash-in-transit industries. It has increased by approximately 75 percent by assumption.

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Millions and millions of money is lost per cash-in-transit heist. According to Jan Gerber’s article (03-June 1028) About R465 million rands has been lost in 10 heists as I type this now. If this current trend continuous we will lose almost billions in cash-in-transits. The amount of money the vehicle carries vary hence cannot be approximated. It depends on whether it is collecting or delivering.

Many lives are being lost due to the shoot outs that take part in cash-in-transit heists. The vehicle’s guards and drivers are in danger. About 8 percent chance a life is lost during this crime. Breadwinners are killed and injured in work. The robbers just kill anyone who tries to stop them at that time, even innocent souls.

The robbers come in large groups of about 20 people heavily armed. They ram the vehicle and then approach the car to remove the guards and drivers then bomb the vehicle. They use explosives to bomb the car. The explosive is used in mines. It is called the ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO). They use automatic rifles to fire at the car. From a source in a checkpoint inamba-namba eNCA news he says the explosives are sold by mine workers to them. Other times they use police cars to drive off because this will make it easier for them to pass through road blocks easily and quickly.


Cash-in-transits heist continue to happen daily in the country. The perpetrators have become more professional and sophisticated using model C weapons and explosives than in the past. A lot of money is lost and the amount of money lost is now directly proportional to the killing and injuries of responsible, good South African citizen who are trying to make a living for themselves and their families .The fight of this cancerous crime can only end when we find a cure for its root which corruption, greed, unemployment, poor technology and poor security facilities/systems.

The strategies to stop cash-in-transits include a lot of technology and will need lots of money because the crime is already out of control. Robbers have also upgraded their style, weapons and strategies. The main aim is to focus on upgrading vehicles and saving lives and money. For money has been lost from the cash-in-transit heists and again from being spent on trying to fight the crime in previous years. Money required for the strategies outlined in the proposal is nothing compared to the amount that is going to be lost if these strategies are not implanted in the country.


In the past cash delivery company vans used to carry a lot of money about R80 million or more this was said by Graeme Hasiken a journalist of the times live in a video to explain heist pull off(October 2018). Then in a cash-in-transit heist we will lose a lot of money then the robbers will gain a lot. Some companies have minimised the amount of money transported per van to less so that if a van gets involved in a heist we should not lose a lot of money as a country. The reason for the increased number of cash-in-transit attacks is that criminals get a small amount of money compared to the old days when the vehicles used to carry a lot of money. There is a lot of corruption and crime in the police system, management and government department. People have easy access to explosives this is because of lack of control and regulation in the mining sector regarding explosives. Other problems include socio and economic factors listed below.

Poverty in the country makes people try to make a living out of this crime. Some people who are part of these robbers are highly educated and have degrees but the problem is the high employment rates in the country. People who were arrested a long time ago have been released from prison others are recruiting young people to do the crime because when they come out of jail they cannot maintain themselves. Security people are not being changed one car gets to be followed by one person all the time is gives one to learn more about all the routes and places which the vehicle collects and deliver to. Lack of education also contributes a lot to this.

Human behaviour cannot be controlled in cases like this because even after a lot of police guards are on the ground the crime still increases because other officials work together with the criminals. Police and former government employees have been arrested in cases like this ( The system is not updating their system and not changing somethings, so people who have worked in the system in the past still know a lot about the system and this gives them a leverage and makes it easy for them to attack.

The solution will be based on this factors so that we can address all the problems and factors so that there are no loopholes in the solution at hand.


According to the times news (24 July 2018) Technology has created a foamy trap that solidifies when the vehicle is bombed to act as a barrier to the robbers from getting access to the car and money.This can destroy the money in the vehicle. The money becomes unusable hence it does not help solve the problem at hand. And the car still gets destroyed. The country will still lose money. But we can expand into this idea by designing cars that a made with hard and heavy steel material mixed with the chemicals of the foamy cement system that will make the cash vehicle impenetrable. The vehicle will be able to withstand the ANFO explosives from the mines. Extra lanes will have to be built in every road with strong concrete to withstand a lot of weight and pressure. The vans will have steel wheels. Bullets will not penetrate in the wheels hence the car cannot be rammed. The vehicles are going to be automatically driven by computer. The automatic vehicle not driven by human beings will move at a very high speed. It will travel in the extra lane suggested above and this car will not stop in the way. Once it detects fire shots and explosion it drives at a higher speed. Only the cash vehicle and escort cars will travel in the extra lanes implemented. The purpose of the escort cars are to warn and notify other drivers that they should stay out of the way so the vehicle can pass. As years go we can even work towards building roads underground that the vehicles will be able to travel in. The cash vehicle will be opened by a code which is going to be changed daily for every person who is going to collect or deliver cash. This is for security purposes and minimisation of corruption in the sector. For other SA drivers to be safe the cash vehicle will have a particular siren to alert the drivers at a distance of 20km before it arrives.

The car will be safe in the road with no weapon and explosives that can penetrate through it. The money carrier bag will have a special design. It will be a usual briefcase that is covered with a layer of hot metal in the outside that will be only held by specialised gloves. The briefcase cannot be held by bare hands or any other thing/material than the specialised gloves. No car can handle the hotness of the briefcase except the new model of the cash vehicle. This is to protect the money during the period where the guards collect money to/from the bank/business from/to the cash vehicle… Only one pair of gloves per person. The gloves will be left at work no worker leaves with it. Securities should have advanced guns to be able to protect their lives. If possible we can even expand the glove idea to be special and unique for every worker according to their fingerprint so that if a person with different fingerprints wears them, the gloves also gets burned, cannot withstand the hot metal.

Mines should partner with us too and make sure there isn’t much excess of the ANFO explosive so that people can stop getting hold of it easily and quickly. Change security guard regularly. System be upgraded and updated after every 2 years.

The strategy tries to eliminate the dependency of the cash-in-transit system on human so that we can eliminate the chances of heists due to corruption and inside information from the stuff.

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