Causes and Effects of Homelessness

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Causes and Effects of Homelessness

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In this essay, I will discuss the causes and effects of homelessness on people on housing, and the impact of poverty on the homeless. Homelessness is a problem that can happen to any of us, and yet we believe it's a cause that is often overlooked by many societies, both domestically and internationally. Despite, it being easy to identify that instability is relatively easy to identify financial instability is one of the main roots of the problem, if not the only, but in many communities continue to struggle with the complex problem of the issue, financial illiteracy is creating turmoil. Anyone that is experiencing homelessness has not learned how to have a stable income or be financially literate and don't have the skills to budget properly, there is financial literacy help that will provide homeless individuals with certain skills needed and necessary to prevent and solve homelessness.

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The main reason why homelessness is so prevalent is that it is a very difficult topic and an issue that is out of control to talk about or understand why it happens. It is a problem that is faced with homelessness, which is a major issue in the United States and other countries around the world. The world itself can be relentless and hard to live in and being exposed to different elements of life it can be overwhelming for certain homeless people. They are at a very high risk of falling into the victim of violence and abuse without even being aware they lost themselves in it. Homeless individuals have no control over their environments, or where they might live, they experience high rates of unintentional harm and health problems and injuries, including burns, falls, diseases of HIV infections, skin diseases to the extremities of skin especially sleeping on the asphalt, also hepatitis B and active tuberculosis, pedestrian injuries as well as PTSD which can be a very dangerous mental health issue for veterans getting and making or keeping medical appointments to have the proper meds, private insurance are kicking them to the curb, including hospitals and clinics, it’s an impossible task of trying to manage chronic illnesses and their lives on the streets it becomes unmanageable.

There are many distributing factors and economic crises that can cause these individuals to go into poverty or homeless. Crisis of being jobless, having low paying wages, being in debt, lack of qualifications and skills of having any education background, loss of their families and relationships, breakdowns of the past, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual and physical abuse from parents or other family members, a woman having domestic violence is a leading cause of loosen yourself worth or sense of living, violence is also being a cause throughout this world, reported Margret Johnson. There are many homeless people in society today that agree that the #1 one factor it is very difficult to be in the prominence of social stigma surrounding homeless individuals. People that are homeless end up becoming unappealing" to the public and through someone else’s eyes and no one cares. Many homeless have a lack of a permanent housing or the proper bathroom facility to care for themselves they feel aesthetic as well, not having limited access to regular grooming or bathing there’re not concerned of beauty when they reach that point of asking earnestly or humbly for help. Research shows that "physically attractive persons are judged more positively than physically unattractive people with severe food insecurities.

A homeless person’s diet is much different than someone who is not homeless. Since they cannot afford to eat out or make a home cooked meal, they often must dig in trash cans to find leftover food from restaurants or another neighborhood trash. A lot of the food they eat is spoiled or rotten and is not healthy for them, but the rotten or spoiled food is better than no food. God’s word says in Luke 6:37 judge not’ and ye shall not be judged. Living in Michigan we do now see so much of homeless people sleeping in the cold, no place to go and no proper clothing to stay warm it is sad to see, it makes it very hard for homeless people to accumulate anything that is sentimental as they travel from shelter to shelter leaving those things behind.

We must have the compassion to visit a shelter or soup kitchen to help in rough times and give to those in need of respect and encouragement with of love. According to the National Alliance, there are an estimated 553,742 individuals experiencing homelessness on any given night. There is permeant supportive housing that has been an intervention that has the capacity to hold 41.8%. According to {} There are shelters available and can be useful for help on cold and rainy days they provide beds, and roofs to people that have not had any for years, but not meant for a homestay. Nationally, cost monthly for a shelter to operate is $4,819. There is other state-owned subsidized housing, for instance, section 8, HUD housing, also HOPE programs for low-income applicants. Then income for a one-family housing is must earn 1,500 gross per month your rent would be about $500.00 per month. These sources give factual and real information about cases of homelessness and support the topic of my essay.

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