Cause and Effect of Macbeth Through the Story

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The reasons and effects of Macbeth turning into the king is the perfect example of a character’s trait leading them to fail as king. Macbeth's trust for the witches and him taking it all into his own hands so he would have the power over the people. This caused the readers to think that he is very selfish and self concentrated. However, he try and redeem himself, in his last moments he tried to fix what has happened.

The reasons of Macbeth turning into king were him being bestowed upon by “witches” who foretold his time, and from this sprung this force hungry Macbeth. The consequences of Macbeth turning into king were his tragic failure and the strong shame that finally killed him. The initial case of Macbeth turning into king is that witches told him that he could, as a matter of fact, be king. These witches had the sight of Macbeth being crowned, and when they summoned his he was brought up by the sensational information.

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He got home and said this to his wife. She in contrast, turned into rather excited by the thought of royalty, and cursed herself to destroy her conscience causing her to have the self-destructing desire for hunger. Therefore, rubbing off on Macbeth, leading the second movement, which is the lust for strength. After Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill Duncan (the new queen) and he accomplished in this job, Macbeth was one step closer to turning into king, there was zero possibility of loss. This caused Macbeth to become a very strong man. He became engulfed in more confidence and strength than ever before. He had no fear of losing anything, so he did not worry about what others would think. This made him feel like he could do anything.

Due to the fact that Macbeth had no fear of losing anything, this made him very vulnerable and open to mistakes. This led to people threatening Macbeth and his family. This in the long run led to his tragic demise, through the journey it took Macbeth to get to the point he was at before being killed was very impressive seeing as he and Lady Macbeth couldn’t let anyone know it was them.

In conclusion, as the audience looks back from the cause and effect viewpoint, the witches appear to be the initial cause of everything happening in the “Macbeth.” However, in the end it was the fault of Macbeth providing the witches with what they wanted and letting the so called prophecy lead Macbeth to make bad decisions. To say that Macbeth would just be a piece on a board would be too easy to say, Macbeth’s tragedy was his own doing and in the end he met his end. 

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