Cause and Effect Poverty: How the Rich Can Save the Poor

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This essay will explain the meaning of poverty as well as definition. Reasons of poverty also explained in this research paper. Overpopulation is one of the main concepts which is discussed in this essay. Examples of natural disasters also mention. This essay will also examine the effects of poverty on individuals such as health care effect, HIV and AIDS. To solve this issue, I have also claimed some solutions in this essay.

Poverty means that those people who are below the borderline and unable to fulfill their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. These kind of people suffer a lot in their life to maintain their living in society. Poverty leads to serious problem in every country, different countries have their own calculations. Researches show that India is biggest country of world who faces large amount of poverty it means people who are not able to fulfill their desires and not getting food and shelters they live under the poverty line. Nowadays, main problems face by poor people is that they are not able to get higher studies, shelter and vehicles but main is education. Two types of poverty level faces by people of different nations for an example who are getting less pay, other are not able to earn. People are dealing with health care problems, how they are living and study system.

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Due to poverty living of people become difficult, there are some people who deprived from even basic needs. In this research paper, I will discuss causes of poverty as well as its effect on individuals. I also examine some solutions to solve this issue from society, so that people live their life fully without any stress or anxiety. This essay will argue about the relationship of poverty and health.

In the world of problems, the poverty considers as the major problem, which effect the life of common people. Day by day, it is increasing by a huge rate. There are many causes of the poverty but unemployment plays the dominant role in the poverty. When a person falls from a certain level of the income, which is, must for fulfilling the basic needs at that time it will be considered as poverty. Poverty leading serious problem in every country, different countries have their own calculations. Researches show that India is biggest country of world who faces large amount of poverty. Main problems face by poor people is that they are not able to get higher studies, shelter and vehicles. However, many studies illustrates that overpopulation is the major cause in India, which lead to the less job facilities for the people in the future.

People under poverty line are unable to make their shelters. Low-income human beings are not able to make their own homes. Some of individuals are homeless who are living on roads. Researches found that large scale of people who are in Toronto become homeless during last some years. Poverty has always struck people badly especially if they are financially weak. Poverty further adds on their misery by making them physical weak. They are living in slum areas where they are getting unhygienic food, water that is cause of some serious diseases. Water is main necessary of our life if they are low quality water and food so generally they will sick.

Researches shows that majority of people are living in slum area and countryside due to poverty and unemployment. Moreover, large proportion of people who moved from rural areas they are suffering from very bad conditions for example; unhygienic water supplies, unhealthy food, lack of electricity. Due to those unhygienic food and water supplies they have to suffer from chronic diseases such as malaria, skin problems. .

Poverty is also the result of “natural disasters”. There are many disastrous such as tsunami, floods and earthquakes which affect the living of people those who live in that particular state or city where the disaster happen. When these kind of unpredictable disasters occur, people loss everything like house, properties through which they don’t have enough resources to maintain their live in society due to lack of money. Moreover, government also not support that much to public because they also in loss at that time. There are many true examples which support this statement, as in Sri Lanka thousands of people suffer after tsunami because of inadequate life.

Poverty also occur due to the status of families which means if families were poor from past two generations its most likely to be poor in future also. This usually happen because they don’t have jobs or property or lands for farming from which they earn money. This situation also put affect on their children at the extensive rate, as parents are unable to provide good education through which children does not get any knowledge. Their future would not be so bright because they also don’t able to get good jobs as like their parents. Similarly, their health is also not well due to lack of nutrient food consumption. They are more prone to get diseases because of living in bad condition, as they also don’t have clean house. 

The income of the individual basis on the per day determines the poverty. After the period of independence from the bruisers India inclined in the proportion of highest poor people from the world. Number of the individuals are still under the line of poverty. However, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. Many associations help government in by several ways to reduce the level of poverty by practicing several ways such as by providing subsides to needed ones, introducing pension schemes, and by taking promises in the time of election pools. Moreover, numerous people have to face the death due to the deficiency of the basic needs. In many rural commodities of India, people are not getting even 2 meal of a day which affect on their health and growth of the society. 

To conclude I would like to say that high authority communities should take some serious step to make smaller problem of poverty such as giving them free educational information, water supplies, as well give them free medicines or open cheap hospitals so that they are able to get free medicine and protect their self from diseases. After all, we can all observe cause and effect poverty. Furthermore, rich people should also help them with providing healthy food and clothes. 

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